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12 Best Flowers for Wedding Centerpieces

Best Flowers for Wedding Centerpieces

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Choosing flowers for your wedding can feel like a long process. You’ll have to meet with florists, choose a color scheme and know how you’ll use them as decor. Read this guide to learn about the best flowers for wedding centerpieces to narrow your search and check flowers off your to-do list.

1. Ranunculus

Modern brides often choose ranunculus flowers for their wedding decor. They come in an array of colors and the petals have an open structure that creates an extra-wide bloom. They’ll catch the eye of every guest the minute they walk into the room.

Don’t be surprised if the flowers look different than you were expecting when you pick them up in person. Some may have a signature curly stem, but you can use wire to put them in any position.

Ranunculus flowers as wedding centerpieces

2. Orchids

Orchid centerpieces create beautiful visual displays with more height. The arching stems are best for brides who want something with more height on each table. You can also use them as statement flowers, like the odontoglossum variety that has freckled petals and requires infrequent watering. It’s a subtle way to add a splash of personality to your decor without requiring many flowers or large arrangements. 

Orchids are among the best flowers for wedding centerpieces

3. Roses

Roses are the ultimate flowers for wedding centerpieces. They have many sizes and colors, so they’ll always complement more unique arrangements like orchid centerpieces or succulent boxes. You could even submerge them in water to add an aquatic vibe to your reception, especially if you’re getting married by the ocean or a lake.

Roses are a classic choice for wedding centerpieces

4. Carnations

Classic and elegant weddings almost always feature carnations. Their layered petals and thick blooms have a timeless appeal that’s easy to weave into other floral elements. Make fern centerpieces with carnations tucked in between each frond for stunning arrangements.

Pink and purple carnation centerpiece

5. Calla Lilies

Another way to add height to your wedding is by making calla lily centerpieces. They have a trumpet shape that’s just barely taller than a blooming rose, but the stems can be very tall. Layer them into your arrangements to give them a different look than traditional bouquets.

White calla lily

6. Sunflowers

When you think about wedding flowers, you might think of roses and carnations, but many brides now pick sunflowers too. They’re perfect for autumn weddings or summer brides who love the bright blooms. Make sunflower centerpieces by adding greenery like the fronds in your fern centerpieces for more colorful arrangements that match the season.

Sunflowers are perfect wedding flowers

7. Peonies

Peonies provide the same layered look as carnations, but their petals curl up on the outer sides. Florists say they represent romance, luck and prosperity, so they’re a natural choice for wedding centerpieces. Research the numerous varieties to find a shade that matches the color scheme you’re using for the rest of your wedding.

Stunning peony wedding centerpiece

8. Lilacs

Purple is a beautiful color for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It’s calming and serene, so make lilacs the focal point of your centerpieces. They’re perfect for short arrangements at small tables because lilacs have large blooms that never overpower short vases. Pick cream-colored pottery or clear glass for the base of each centerpiece and the flowers will pop with the beautiful purple color.

Lilacs are perfect purple flowers for weddings

9. Dahlias

People often confuse dahlias with bad omens, but they’re a popular floral choice for modern brides. The lush blooms speak for themselves, so you won’t need extra flowers to create stunning arrangements. Layer a few fern fronds or other greenery around your dahlias and you’ll have budget-friendly wedding centerpieces that dazzle everyone in the room.

Dahlias as wedding flowers

10. Baby’s Breath

The best thing about baby’s breath is that it goes with any size centerpiece and flower variety. The tiny white buds form the backdrop of bouquets, filling in the empty spaces left behind by giant flowers.

You can also create centerpieces with baby’s breath on its own. Layer it around the bottom of candles wrapped in twine or make large arrangements in tall vases with colorful glass. It’s a multipurpose flower that’s best for brides who have space to fill in their centerpieces or want to freestyle their designs.

Baby's breath is a classic wedding flower

11. Black-Eyed Susan

Summer brides will love centerpiece arrangements with black-eyed Susans. It’s a wildflower that works well with boho themes and mountainside venues. The golden petals are reminiscent of adventures and summer sunsets, so use them as the focal point of your centerpieces alongside smaller flowers or extra foliage.

Black-eyed susans

12. Cherry Blossom

Brides often use cherry blossoms for centerpieces that need to fill excess vertical space. You can fit them into vases designed like tree trunks to recreate artful trees on every table. They also work well in towering candle holders and even submerged in tall vases. They’ll add a softened pink hue to your reception area, lending to mystical forests and springtime magic.

Cherry blossoms as centerpieces

Find the Best Flowers for Wedding Centerpieces

These are some of the best flowers for wedding centerpieces because you can use them in nearly any setting, season or venue. Think about what sizes you need and what vibe your wedding should have to match the perfect flowers to every table.

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