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Community For Style, Beauty and Life Makers.


At Revivalist, we believe that advocating for your own lifestyle is the key to living a bold and fulfilling life.

With a focus on adventurous living, self exploration, style and celebration, we aim to empower and inspire you to live the lifestyle you have always envisioned.

We aren't preachy and never judge - Revivalist is a place to explore and enrich your lifestyle into one that feels natural and authentic to you. Think of us as a breath of fresh air, devoted to always using our passion for life to offer ways for you to freshen up and revive your own.

At Revivalist we believe that a lifestyle is a way of life. It is meant to be sustained and lived with ease.

Meet the Team

Cora Gold Editor in Chief of Revivalist

Cora Gold

Editor In Chief

Ava Roman New Headshot

Ava Roman

Managing Editor

Kiana Hill (2)

Kiana Hill

Contributing writer

Brigid Weiss
Contributing Writer