Our entire lives are spent figuring things out and making things happen, working on continuously moving ourselves up this “ladder” we call life.

Over the years, we hope to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, even make new goals along the way that add meaning to our life. If we get lucky, we will be able to use our own success to help spread inspiration onto others. To help them move forward in a direction that will satisfy their own wants and desires.

But can we continue to help the people and the world around us if we can’t even add inspiration to our own life, or move ourselves forward?

Inspiration doesn’t come easy, in fact, it may be one of the hardest things to find and one of the most important ingredients in our recipe for achievement. Although inspiration can be hard to find, inspiration has the ability to show up in the most random places.

Maybe it is underneath the ground we walk on everyday to work, maybe it’s in the mountain tops we look at when we gaze in a certain direction during our morning commute to work, or maybe it’s in the faces and voices we interact with on a daily basis.

Inspiration can live in so many places, but it is up to us to find it and put it to good use.

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