“Home is a haven— where life happens, where we find the energy to keep going, where memories and legacies are made.”

The concept of ‘home’ means a lot to us at Revivalist. Whether you’re a passionate interior designer in need of unique inspiration for a new DIY project, or a homemaker who has decided to remake your dwelling space to fit the comfort and energy you desire, we have the resources for you to make your space not just a house, but a place to reside in complete tranquility.

At Revivalist we make it a point to take a practical, sensible, service-focused approach to everything we do: re-framing ideas to help streamline your home, encompassed by an environment that allows for creativity and nonconformity.

Redecorating your home updates the space to match your personality. It makes every room more cozy and welcoming, especially if you take advantage of the…

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top 5 house extensions
• 10/15/20

Top 5 House Extension Tips for those on a Budget

COVID-19 has forced most people to spend much more time at home. Many people have come to realize to be more comfortable and productive at…

Decorate your walls
• 09/14/20

6 Great Ways To Decorate Your Walls

While there are many design mistakes people will make in their homes, one of the worst is to leave the walls barren. Barren walls can…

winterize your home
• 09/11/20

The Ultimate Homeowner’s Checklist – How to Winterize Your Home

By the time cooler weather sets in, everyone is talking about winterizing their home. If you’ve never prepared your household for cold and icy conditions,…

how do you know if you have bed bugs
• 08/25/20

How Do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs?

Experts have found bed bugs in every state across the U.S. This means that even if you think you are safe, you aren’t. However, there…

what to consider before building your dream home
• 08/18/20

9 Essential Things to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is a journey of discovering who you are and how you want to live. It’s a chance for you to define…

relive your childhood
• 08/03/20

3 Ways to Relive Your Childhood Memories

Childhood is a magical time when we explore our surroundings and grow up with a loving family around us. Amazing memories are made during our…

decor ideas to warm your home
• 06/25/20

3 Decor Ideas That Will Warm Your Heart & Home

Everyone would love it if the design of their home was fitting of a centerfold in a home decor magazine. While there are different tastes,…

big impact at home
• 05/31/20

Small Changes That Make a Big Impact at Home

Our homes are where we spend most of our time, so if they do not inspire us, it is probably time to change them up…

home improvement ideas
• 05/18/20

10 Super Easy Stay-at-Home Improvement Ideas

Now that you are spending more time inside your home, this is the perfect time to tackle all those projects you never had the time…

protect your car
• 05/05/20

How Travelers can Protect Their Cars When They are Away From Home

Travelers have the privilege of reaching a variety of places and discovering different parts of the world. But although traveling is a load of fun,…

pre-vacation cleaning
• 03/23/20

Pre-Vacation Cleaning: 8 Chores You Need to Do Before Leaving for Vacation

If you think the most exhausting part of a trip is planning, you’re thinking wrong. You probably haven’t really thought of doing some pre-vacation cleaning right…

make moving easier
• 02/21/20

8 Great Ways to Make Moving to A New House Easier

They say that nothing in life is permanent, so as the house that you are living in now. Sooner or later, you will find it…

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