• 02/21/2024

Discover Screen Porch Ideas on a Budget and Start Your Next Home Upgrade

A screened in porch with a couch, chairs, table and plants.

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People love spending time on their screened-in porches. The fine mesh blocks annoying bugs from disrupting you while you eat dinner with loved ones, read a book or drink coffee during a sunrise. Whether you have one or want to build one, use these screen porch ideas on a budget to make your home renovation dream come true, no matter your financial situation.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Build a Screened-in Porch?

The cheapest way to build a screened-in porch is to start with an existing patio. A screen framing system comes with mesh and posts to easily attach to the wooden or concrete flooring you already have on your property. They can also connect to existing posts or pillars if you have them.

If you can’t build onto a patio, you’ll need to construct your porch. Check with your local government office to inquire about permits. Many municipalities require homeowners to have a building permit before work begins to ensure they abide by building codes.

Once you have your permit, measure the space you’ll transform into your porch. You’ll need to gather supplies and follow an instructional video before starting your work. Consider getting things like:

  • Fast-setting concrete to hold your porch posts
  • A manual or automatic post hole digger
  • Wood planks to create the flooring and foundational sides
  • Wood posts to make the supportive framing
  • Wood-cutting tools like a circular saw 
  • Construction tools such as a hammer, nails, drill and bits
  • Eye protection, gloves and hearing protection

Your video or video series will include the specific supplies needed to finish your project. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your work. You’ll need at least a few free days to get your porch going. It should be fairly straightforward work if the weather remains sunny and you order all your supplies before starting.

How to Decorate a Screened-in Porch on a Budget

Screen porch decorations aren’t impossible to understand or find in your local area. Dive into the world of interior porch design with these simple steps.

Add Comfortable Furniture

Everyone should be comfortable spending time on your porch. Cushioned chairs, side tables, a coffee table and even a couch could be the perfect home additions for yourself and your loved ones. Consider how much space you have once your porch is done. You could match your new furniture to what’s already in your home or give your porch a new vibe with a different aesthetic.

If you’re worried about decorating your porch on a budget, find where people sell their used furniture. Online marketplaces, thrift stores and yard sales are great places to save money and find high-quality goods whether you want to shop in-person or online.

It’s one of the best screen porch ideas on a budget while prices for household goods continue to rise across industries. You’ll spend less money and potentially find some thrifted goods to bring home as porch decor.

Build Your Dream Garden

Your screened-in porch might get lots of sunshine during the day. Use the empty empty to create your dream garden. Potted plants will thrive on the floor or porch tables. Just remember to move them inside or away from the screen material when heavy rainstorms roll through town. Otherwise, the rain might collect in their pots and overflow on your porch floor.

Hang Mood Lighting

You’ll likely spend lots of time on your screened-in porch during the mornings, evenings and nights. There might not be enough natural light to see very well, so hang mood lighting as useful decor. Consider options like these to give your porch a welcoming glow:

  • String lights
  • Edison bulb string lights
  • Lamps
  • Real or battery-powered candles

See if your finished porch contains any exterior electrical plugs. If it doesn’t, an electrician will safely install a plug or two so you can use any lighting you want. You’ll extend your porch’s daily use and create an outdoor haven for relaxation.

What Kind of Furniture Do You Put in a Screened-in Porch?

The plush couch with reclining end seats might be a great addition to your living room, but it won’t last very long on a screened-in porch. Rain and fluctuating temperatures affect anything that’s not inside the walls of your home.

Look for weatherproof or water-resistant furniture for your screened-in porch. The chairs, couches and tables you’ll find in outdoor furniture selections last much longer because their materials don’t decay with weathering.

Remember, any electrical decor needs to be weather-resistant too. Look for extension cords designed for outdoor use and exterior lighting to prevent potential electrical hazards if rain or snow soaks your porch by falling at an angle.

How to Clean Your New Porch

There are many ways to clean a screen porch. You could use a broom and a mop if your porch has sealed or painted wooden flooring. Some homeowners install outdoor carpeting within their screened-in porches, which requires vacuuming and a carpet cleaning machine.

Don’t forget to wipe down corners and surfaces with a disinfectant. Seasonal allergens like pollen and grime will float in on the wind. It gathers quickly, so it’s best to wipe your porch down at least once every few weeks when it’s not pollen season.

If you spot any mold growing on your screened-in porch furniture, walls or carpeting, quickly resolve the issue. Breathing the spores while enjoying your new space could lead to respiratory issues because they irritate the sinuses and lung lining.

Occasionally, toss your furniture cushions into your washing machine and vacuum any bugs that found their way into your porch. It’s a bit of extra housekeeping work, but it’s worth it when you spend unlimited time on the gorgeous porch you created.

Compare Screen Porch Ideas on a Budget

There are many ways to build and decorate a screened-in porch. Reflect on your budget to determine how much you can save or spend on the project. Once you know if you’ll build a porch from scratch or close in an existing patio, you can start the actual work. You’ll use your screened-in porch as long as you live in your home, so take pride in your investment as you make your renovation dream a reality.

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