• 09/24/2023

How to Spiritually Cleanse a New Home: The Ultimate Guide for Any Living Space

How to Spiritually Cleanse a New Home

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Your home is a sacred space. It’s where you should feel safe and welcomed. It’s a place to recharge, not feel negativity simmering in the background of your life. Read this guide to learn how to spiritually cleanse a new home to start fresh in a positive environment. Your new house will become a refuge from life’s negativity, especially if you spiritually protect it after your cleansing ritual.

Why Would Someone Spiritually Cleanse a New Home?

Cleansing a new home is a way to purify the space spiritually. You’ll take ownership of each room by commanding negative energy to leave. The energetic rebirth sets a positive tone for everything under your roof. Your spirit will feel more at ease because nothing toxic or harmful will remain after the energetic reset.

Steps to Spiritually Cleanse Your House

If the vibes in your new home feel off, use these steps to spiritually cleanse each room. You’ll immediately restore your home’s energetic balance and make room for more positive vibes.

1. Open the Windows

When was the last time you opened the windows around your home? A breath of fresh air can lift your spirits, pushing out the darker energy influencing your sour mood or thoughts. It will also ventilate any indoor air pollutants commonly found in homes, like:

  • Allergens
  • Smoke particles from burnt food
  • Mold spores

You don’t need to keep your windows open for very long. Let the fresh air breeze through each room for a few minutes to start your home’s spiritual cleanse.

However, you may want to skip this step if there are currently allergens floating around outside your home. If you’re in the middle of hay fever or pollen season, invest in an air purifier. Turning it on as your ceiling fans rotate will cleanse your air without pulling allergens into your house.

2. Set Positive Intentions

Walk into each room you want to cleanse. State your positive intention for that room out loud. Your voice should sound confident and firm. You’re in command of your new home.

You could also set an overall intention and speak it aloud in the heart of your house. Tell your home it’s a place of peace. No negative energies can stay. The only things allowed under your roof are good intentions, positive energy and happy vibes.

Setting intentions with either of these methods will further your cleansing. They set purposeful intentions in motion by redirecting the flow of the universe.

3. Command the Negativity to Leave

Remember, you control the energy in your home. Name the negativity for what it is — stress, toxicity, eeriness or anything else that makes your home’s vibes feel off. Tell it to leave. It’s not welcome in your house anymore. You’ll become the dominant force under your roof, helping you regain control of your spiritual life.

4. Burn a Collection of Herbs

You can use any herbs and waft the smoke around your home to remove negative energy. If that idea makes you uncomfortable or seems out of your depth, you could also burn incense in each room. Either way, the herbs will replicate long-standing, global cleansing rituals that utilize herbs to clean the energetic history of living spaces.

5. Cleanse Your Home With Salt

When water and salt interact, their contrasting negative and positive charges draw them to each other. The water leaves whatever it’s in to dilute the salt. This process kills some bacteria and makes salt a powerful cleansing tool. 

Mix sea salt and water in a spray bottle and spritz it in the air throughout your home. Its cleansing powers remove negative energies. You could also place salt lamps in each room to continually balance your energetic environment.

How to Protect Your Home Energetically

After spiritually cleansing your new home, continue protecting that safe space with simple habits. Use crystals as decor to promote positivity and joy, like citrine stones in flower arrangements. Diffuse essential oils that put your mind at ease. 

You could also set boundaries to protect your home’s energy. Don’t let anyone through your front door who makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t respect you. Their negativity won’t get the chance to form roots if they’re never there.

When Should You Do Another Cleanse?

Sometimes, you might feel the need to cleanse your home again. It’s a helpful practice to do every once in a while, especially after these events.

1. After Recovering From Illness

Feeling sick is stressful. Repeat your cleansing ritual once you’ve recovered enough to feel like yourself again. The opened windows and purifying salt will eliminate lingering bacteria, viruses and stale air.

You’ll also release the negative energy that accumulated while you stressed about not feeling good. It’s a helpful way to reset your home’s vibes while disinfecting things like your bathroom and bedroom.

2. After Working Through a Fight

Fighting with someone you love is never easy. Lingering anger and hurt might cause your spirit to feel knotted up inside your chest. Even if you resolve the issue, the negativity created by your clashing opinions or needs could make your home feel off.

Cleansing rituals are excellent tools for moments like these. Whether the person you argued with lives with you or not, banishing toxicity from your home gives you a positive place to recharge.

3. After Sensing Something’s Off

Vibes are challenging to define. They’re something you feel in your gut. If you walk into your home one day and intuitively sense that something’s off, it could be time to do another cleansing ritual.

The intention guiding your cleanse could simply be to restore your home’s energetic balance. Tell whatever is negative or off-putting to leave the boundaries of your house. Open windows will guide the energy out, leaving you more at peace afterward.

Make Your Home a Spiritually Cleansed Space

Anyone can learn how to spiritually cleanse a new house. Make it a haven of renewal and rest by following these steps. They’re perfect to follow before moving in or whenever something feels off. You’ll keep negativity out of your sacred space so your home is always an oasis from the world.

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