• 09/10/2023

How to Use Crystals to Amplify Your Life


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Changing your life might be as easy as adding more decoration to your home or everyday bag. Have you ever held a crystal? How did you feel afterward? Many crystals have the capability of empowering you, making you feel confident and positive when you might not otherwise. Knowing how to use crystals is an essential skill for anyone who believes in their spirituality.

What Are Crystals For?

Crystals are stones that come in several different types and colors. Many believe certain crystals can affect how you feel and help you promote better living. You might feel lighter when the right crystals are around, like they’re feeding you positivity or sucking the negativity out of the air. People believed in the spiritual power of crystals even as far back as the Middle Ages.

In modern times, people use crystals in more creative ways. They might wear them or hold them, or they could incorporate them into their regular decor. To some people, crystals can influence the outcome of a major event in their personal or professional lives. They can also help you heal and look forward to better, brighter days.

5 Types of Positive Crystals

If you need some positivity, these crystals are the ones you’ll want to lean to. They can radiate positivity and remove bad vibes from the area. Learning how to use crystals will help you take back ownership of your life and feel empowered to make decisions that serve you well.


Looking to put a bit more pep in your step? The citrine stone promotes positivity and joy, like its yellow coloring is associated with. You may also want to bring in citrine if you’re looking for prosperity or hoping for some form of monetary gain at work.


When you feel like your anxiety is at an all-time high, reach for an amethyst. This purple stone is sought for its calming qualities. It can quiet both your emotions and some physical ailments. Some people have even noted that they sleep better or have fewer digestive problems with amethyst nearby.

Tiger’s Eye

Well-known for its protective nature, the tiger’s eye stone can help you feel mentally clear while safeguarding your emotions. The tiger’s eye crystal is beautifully striped, like the fur of the animal it gets its name from. You’ll likely feel the power of a tiger with this crystal in your midst.

Black Tourmaline

Instead of promoting positivity, this black stone sucks the negativity out of the room. It’s another protective stone that can keep you safe from bad energy and intentions. You’ll likely want this stone around after a bad break-up or leaving a toxic situation. It might help you feel peace of mind.

Rose Quartz

This light pink stone is both aesthetically pleasing and helpful in your life. You might associate it with romance, but it can also promote better self-love habits. People say that it might help you with anxiety and depression, helping you express and love yourself better than you have been.

How to Use Crystals to Build Your Best Life

Crystals have inherent power, including some that can influence your life. For example, small, human-made crystals can purify water and eliminate toxins that people may otherwise consume. If they can do something as incredible as making drinking water safe, they can surely provide you with some peace of mind throughout your day. Here are some ways you can use your crystals to support your best life.

1. Decorate Your Room

Learning how to use crystals might be as simple as decorating your room with them. You might have a dedicated crystal shrine, or you can place them throughout your bedroom in creative places. If you’re the only resident in your home, you should consider adding crystals to other rooms. For example, if you don’t often see success in the kitchen, maybe some positivity is what you need when you make dinner.

2. Carry Them With You

Carrying crystals in your bag can be tricky. You’ll want to be careful with them and ensure they don’t have the chance to hit anything breakable as the bag swings around. Still, keeping these stones in your bag is a great way to ensure you can draw from their inspiration each day and never be without them.

4. Cleanse Them Regularly

Cleansing your crystals is a great way to ensure they work to the best of their ability to keep you safe. You can wash them with water and salt if the stones aren’t porous. Another popular way to cleanse your crystals is to leave them out in the sun or moonlight to allow them to recharge. As long as you cleanse them regularly, your crystals should continue functioning as they should and can support you through even the roughest times.

5. Hold Them

Simply holding onto your crystals when you need a burst of positivity or love could be enough to negate the unwanted feelings you have. Clutching your crystals will allow you to feel their vibrations and rely on the energy they emit. Consider coupling this action with another helpful one, like meditation.

Knowing How to Use Crystals Can Transform Your Life

If you believe in the inherent spirituality of stones, you’ll want to know how to use crystals. The good news is that there are many “correct” ways to use these precious gems — and you’ll definitely find one that fits into your life. Start collecting the crystals that speak to you. Even if you don’t believe in their powers, they’re pleasant to look at. Who knows? You might find out they work well for you, after all.

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