• 04/04/2023

Energy Reading: How To Check Your Aura

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Energy is all around us—in all living things. Energy emanates from people and creates vibes that can encourage or deter you from their presence. You can sense a lot about a person by their vibes. What vibes are you giving off? How can you read someone else’s energy? 

What Is an Energy Reading? 

Energy readings can detect a person’s aura, which is their energy field and guide them in many ways. Each person’s aura is unique and evolves as they grow and change. Your aura or energy can click with someone else’s or clash—we’ve all been there. An energy reading decodes and interprets what someone feels regardless of how they claim to feel. 

Explanations for how we perceive energy vary from metaphysical and scientific to cosmic. From empaths to psychologists, there are many different types of energy and ways to read it. You can misread energy based on your emotions, drastically changing a room’s vibe. 

Reading Auras and Energy 

Your energy radiates all around you and is often visible to a trained eye. Here are some ways you can learn to do an energy reading.

Vibe Check

Your electromagnetic field or aura doesn’t have to define you—you can change it. Aura photographers can capture your aura in a photo with an AuraCam 6000 from the 1970s. People who read energy can see the colors surrounding your aura, while others can just sense your emotions and the vibes you’re putting off. 

Auras radiate through colors that determine your energy’s frequency. You can try to read your aura by standing in front of a mirror or white wall. Rub your hands together to create friction and activate your aura. See if you can determine a color emanating from your fingertips or the side of your hand. A light white mist might appear around your hand, which is the inner aura. Soften your focus and move it away from your body. If you can see color, that’s your aura! 

Focus On the Eyes

A close-up photo of two people's eyes.

There’s solid reasoning in the concept that our eyes are the windows of our souls. Eyes emit powerful energy that can tell you a lot about a person’s vibe and aura. How does a glance from someone make you feel? If you feel comfortable and happy with someone’s glace, it’s likely that their aura vibes with yours, which can mean your auras are compatible. Similarly, eye contact with someone you love releases oxytocin and triggers your love hormone, which elicits trust and can improve your relationship. 

If you feel irritated by a glance from someone, it’s likely that you will clash with each other’s energies. Your eyes project such powerful energy that you can often sense when you’re being stared at. Harness that power by reading into it as much as possible. Try to detect the emotions and storytelling behind the eyes to interpret their meaning and accurately read their energy. 

Observe Physical Contact

Physical contact can help you feel another person’s vibrational energy. A hug or a handshake can often elicit emotions that allow you to detect their feelings or overall energy. If you’re particularly good at reading energy, you might be able to detect a person’s energy from a few feet away. 

How does their presence make you feel? Does it feel warm and inviting in their presence or do you want to run in the other direction? Notice how the emotions of others can vibe or clash with your own and use that to read their energy. 

What Color Is Your Aura?

The color of your aura is specific to a particular phase in your life, as it can change depending on the circumstances and emotions you’re experiencing. Your aura can have multiple colors and layers corresponding to different chakras or energy centers. 

You can’t turn off your aura, much like you can’t turn off your emotions—it’s a part of who you are. However, you can cleanse and repair your aura with meditation, positive affirmations, smudging and energy balance healing. Smudging uses sage to eliminate negative energy and neutralize vibes in your space or your aura. 

Different color stones sit on a table.

Aura Colors Defined

Your aura’s colors can be dimensional, but the main color that determines your primary aura should shine through. 


A red aura can be positive or negative. A red aura can exude confidence, passion, ambition, and energy. On the other hand, red can represent aggression and a fiery attitude, which can be interpreted as good or bad depending on the circumstance. A red aura can mean that your root chakra is unblocked. 


An orange chakra represents creative and sexual energy, intelligence and perfectionism. Orange auras deal with the sacral chakra and indicate learning through experience, which can mean that you’re strong-willed. 


Yellow is a bright and cheerful color that translates to energy readings and auras. It signifies a sunny and inviting disposition and exudes confidence. Yellow deals with the solar plexus chakra that deals with identity and empowerment. 


Green represents the heart chakra. If you have a green aura, you’re likely compassionate, loving and forgiving easily. A green aura can sometimes be easily influenced since they have such an open heart. They are natural nurturers and communicators, so setting boundaries is essential. 


A pink aura is also associated with the heart chakra meaning this aura represents love, kindness and caring. You are typically open, receptive and compassionate if you have a pink aura. A pink aura can also mean gentle, romantic and peaceful. 


A blue aura represents sensitivity, devotion, calmness and sincerity. Blue auras often mean free thinkers with their heads in the clouds. They’re often intuitive, insightful, and spiritual, from the throat chakra representing expression and truth. 


Purple represents a strong and sensitive intuition with great mental depth. Your intuition comes from the third eye chakra representing the purple color in your aura. A purple aura can mean psychic or intuitive abilities or a strong sense of empathy. Purple can also mean independent and wise. 


An indigo aura is associated with curiosity and gentleness. Indigo is often seen as sensitive, especially in a dark shade. Indigo auras are highly empathic and sensitive to other’s emotions, which means they absorb energies and feel deeply. They are often spiritually connected and have gut feelings they can’t ignore, which can make them misunderstood. 

How To Do an Energy Reading 

Reading energy can be a resource for helping people. When you naturally pick up on vibes, you can determine how to react or help a situation. You also have the upper hand in disagreements because you can usually tell when people are being untrustworthy. Receiving an energy reading can provide guidance, realign your chakras and energy blocks and offer a fresh perspective. Energy readings also provide balance and promote healing. 

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