• 05/28/2021

How to Do a Cord Cutting Ritual After a Breakup

Two candles on a table.

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Breakups are always painful, even if you knew your relationship was coming to an end. It’s difficult to let go of someone and feel the empty space they once reserved in your life. Healing doesn’t always happen after a pizza night at home or time with your friends. Many people learn how to do a cord cutting ritual after a breakup to experience the closure they need.

Check out why cord cutting rituals can be such a powerful tool for your mental health. You only need a few supplies to help you close the recent chapter in your love life and find the strength to move on.

What Is a Cord Cutting Ritual?

Whether you chose to end your relationship or not, negative energy might surround your heart. It’s hard to recover from someone who broke your trust or shattered your plans for the future. There’s nothing tangible to the negativity that you can grab and throw away. Not until you try a cord cutting ritual.

It’s a ceremony that’s exactly as it sounds. You’ll gather the right supplies, a cord and a pair of scissors. Centering your spirit and channeling your energy directs the ritual so it can begin healing your heart.

How Can It Help?

You don’t need to believe that your particular cord has any special traits or powers. The ritual itself gives people a visual process to say goodbye to their past love and restart their lives in a positive space.

A positive mindset is the first step towards healing. You don’t need to feel happy all the time or crack jokes about the breakup. Release the negative energy to leave room for positive intentions, like giving yourself time to heal or remembering that love never comes from just one person.

You’ll also have the mental space to remember encouraging daily affirmations that may become your new source of strength. Embracing post-breakup growth and getting in touch with your heart can only begin when the negative energy leaves your spirit.

What Are Cord Cutting Candles?

In a cord cutting ceremony, two candles are tied together, either connected by the wicks or with string. Some people recommend using black candles, but you can choose whatever color resonates with you.

Using candles simply provides something to focus on while performing the cutting ties ritual. Candles are often used during rituals and meditation as a focal point to keep your mind from wandering.

Cord Cutting Ritual for Toxic Relationships

Cutting ties with candles can be especially beneficial after ending a toxic relationship. The emotional impact of tumultuous relationships can linger long after the breakup. Many people seek a spiritual release from those emotions.

If you have just left a toxic relationship, a cord cutting ceremony can give you closure and peace.

How to Do a Cord Cutting Ritual

If you think this ritual could begin your recovery, use these steps to complete it whenever you need to escape an angry or volatile emotional space.

Set a Sacred Space

Smudging is a standard practice to cleanse your room of negative energy. Gather sage into a fireproof bowl or other vessel and find a fanning tool, like a folded piece of paper. Open a window and then find something to create your spark.

Use a lighter or match to set the safe alight and let it burn for around 20 seconds. It should create enough smoke for you to easily fan it into the corners of your room. Healers believe that sage solves most spiritual dilemmas like negative energy or heavy spirits, so safely smudge your ritual space and douse the sage in water when you finish.

Prepare the Candle and Bowls

Next, you should have two small candles, 10-inches of twine and two small bowls with enough sea salt to hold your candles in place. Twist the corded twine into three loops, laying each loop around the candles sitting in your salt bowls. Light the candles and settle your mind.

Two lit candles site on a ledge in front of a fence.

Focus Your Energy

The most important part of a cord cutting ritual is focusing your energy. Some people use ashwagandha powder to relieve their depression symptoms and help them hone their emotional state. Others take deep breaths or wear sound-blocking headphones if their surroundings are noisy.

After lighting your candles, use your preferred method of focusing to center yourself. Hold a picture of your ex to attune yourself to their energy. Thank them for the lessons you have learned and will learn from their presence in your life. Tell the universe that you want to release their energy from your heart.

Burn Your Ex’s Picture

As you say this mantra, carefully put a corner of the picture into the candle’s flame. Lay it onto a plate or in a bowl when the fire gets too close to your fingers. You’ll remove any lingering energy from their presence when the picture turns to ash.

One of the final steps is burning the twine. Use the same lighter or another match to light it from each end. It will burn into the middle of the cord and as it does, say that you’re releasing any ties that bind you two together. Remind the universe that you are claiming the peace that’s rightfully yours. The twine should burn completely by the time your mantras are over.

A person holds a burning slip of paper.

Release the Leftover Salt and Ash

Gather any lingering ash into your bowls of salt. Ideally, you would release the mixture into a natural water source, like a pond or stream. You can also use the sink or a toilet if you don’t have access to those things. Washing it all away will close your space and end the cord cutting ritual, but you can also finish with a mantra about releasing your past if you want to speak to the universe once more.

What You Should Do After a Ritual

Check in with yourself after finishing your ritual. See if your anxiety, heartache or depression feel less like a looming shadow over your heart. You should feel more peace and room to breathe.

Reflect on the relationship because you’re in a better place. You could even take a compatibility test to see if your charts matched or predicted your breakup. Many people seek others that pair well astrologically with their star sign, so it could help you find your next partner when you’re ready to love again.

Try a Cord Cutting Ritual Today

Now that you know how to do a cord cutting ritual after a breakup, try it today to see if it helps. You can always repeat it whenever negativity comes back into your life so your post-breakup journey fosters more peace and better self-growth.

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