• 08/17/2022

6 Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas

Eat well in the mornings by adding fruit to your breakfast options

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Breakfast is much more enjoyable when you don’t have to wake up extra early to make it. Meal prepping can remove that problem, especially if you’re trying to eat healthier. Check out these healthy breakfast meal prep ideas to get inspired for your next week of morning fuel.

Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep:

1. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Oatmeal has plenty of fiber to keep you full and regulate your digestive system. All you need is some extra protein to hold you over until lunch. Peanut butter provides that while adding nutty undertones by soaking the oats overnight. The protein will even prevent unwanted snack cravings because it will balance your blood sugar.

2. Spiced Yogurt Muffins

There’s nothing more delicious than a muffin with your coffee. Spiced yogurt muffins are packed with protein and ready to eat whenever you need to hit the road. One batch will last the entire week. Non-dairy yogurt also works with a vegetarian diet, so you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle to cook less often in the morning.

Brown muffins sit on a cooling rack.

3. Kale Breakfast Salad

If you prefer to sit and read the news in the morning, enjoy a kale breakfast salad with your tea or coffee. Add whatever toppings you like, like sausage and eggs. You’ll get all the nutrients you need to fuel your metabolism, immune system and more. Kale is also beneficial because it contains phytonutrients that prevent acne, so you’ll look as great as you feel after eating healthy breakfasts every morning.

4. Vegan Granola Bars

Granola bars are another meal-prep solution that will last busy families all week. Use vegan ingredients to make no-bake bars this weekend and include your favorite foods. No matter how you make them, your granola bars will be a satisfying breakfast and even become an extra snack during the day.

5. Frozen Breakfast Burritos

Many meal preppers stick with freezer recipes like breakfast burritos. You could make enough for everyone in your family, label their names on their individual wraps and reheat whenever they’re hungry.

Burritos can become healthier breakfast meal prep ideas if you choose low-carb wraps and multiple veggies. Wrap them up with scrambled eggs, ham or bacon to create the ultimate breakfast meal prep routine that pleases the pickiest eaters.

A breakfast burrito filled with egg and meat.

6. Sweet Potato Hash

When cold morning air chills your bones, reach into your fridge for some warm sweet potato hash. Anyone can make it in a large skillet and combine their diced potatoes with sausage, bell peppers and any other breakfast foods they prefer.

Separate the hash into individual containers for each day of the week. They’ll be ready to go in the mornings with preferred toppings. Garlic sauce, sour cream and guacamole are popular choices that add an extra kick of flavor to this meal.

Try Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Recipes

Consider what you’d enjoy most after waking up. Whether you want a savory hash or sweet yogurt parfait, you’ll get everything done on Sunday afternoons and never worry about cooking in the morning again.

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