• 03/10/2021

8 Tips To Create the Best Morning Routine for Success


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Everyone wants to be successful, but how does that actually happen? It doesn’t require more degrees or a different job — success starts at home. Anyone can use these eight easy tips to create the best morning routine for success without upending their current lifestyle. Quick, easy changes are all you need to see lasting results.

1. Start With Stretching

Stretching isn’t often the first thing people want to do in the morning. You’d rather get your coffee or take a shower, but pausing to stretch wakes your body up. You’ll gently ease your muscles back.

You don’t need to sign up for an expensive class to learn how to stretch either. Clear a space in your bedroom or living room and practice different poses that loosen muscles, like child’s pose. The slow movement will relieve any lingering tightness so you aren’t distracted by body aches when it’s time to focus.

2. Drink More Water

A recent study found that hydration improves overall cognitive performance, even in older adults with dementia. Starting your day with a glass of water provides an all-natural burst of energy in addition to caffeinated coffee or tea. Your body gets the water it needs to function properly and you’ll feel ready to take on whatever’s happening in your day.

3. Write Your Intentions

You might not generate the success you’d like to see because you’re unsure what to aim for. Writing your daily intentions helps with that. Find a journal or notebook you like and become more productive in the morning by writing three things you’d like to accomplish.

Maybe you’ll fill the notebook with your long-term hopes or short-term goals. Jot down whatever feels natural. Estimate your success based on what you can cross off in your notebook. It will become a visual roadmap of what works and what doesn’t.

4. Listen to a Podcast

Find podcasters who talk about inspiring topics and listen to them while you get ready each morning. They’ll encourage you to chase your dreams while you practice helpful breathing exercises that reduce anxiety. The positive energy kickstarts the focus you need to achieve whatever you deem a success while you exhale any stress left behind.

5. Eat Healthy Breakfast Foods

Even if you travel to wellness retreats to give back to your body, you’ll improve your path to success by eating a healthy breakfast. It’s another form of fuel that lasts until lunch. You won’t deal with sugar crashes or energy dips that take you away from your goals. Stick with whole foods and avoid artificial sugar to feel up for anything.

6. Avoid the News

Negativity could drown out your motivations and intentions. If you start your morning by watching stressful news reports, you might wonder why it’s essential to focus on your personal success when the world needs help. Avoid the news until you’re on the way out the door. You can always catch up later when nothing can take you out of your zone.

7. Eat Your Frog

The best morning routine for success includes eating an occasional frog. Frogs are whatever you dread to tackle. It could be a big work project, sending an email to a client or giving a school presentation.

Whatever it is, learning to eat the frog means getting the most difficult thing out of the way first. You’ll fly through everything afterward because nothing seems as challenging. Get it done all at once or break your frog down into smaller tasks. When you finish it, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved success before lunch.

8. Reflect on Journal Entries

Whether you write your intentions or make a quick journal entry every day, it helps to reflect on your writings before leaving in the morning. You might identify procrastination that keeps you from success or note triggers that slow you down.

It’s an easy way to learn more about yourself without taking up too much of your time. Read about how you prepared for past weeks and the challenges you overcame. It could become the motivation you need to reach your goals, but only if your entries are true to your experience. When you write each entry, don’t hold back. The real fears, hopes and accomplishments will help you reach success better than entries that skip over what you need to learn about yourself.

Find Your Best Morning Routine for Success

Try these eight tips to create the best morning routine for success in whatever you want to achieve. You might find some more useful than others, depending on your goals and what your mornings look like. Give yourself time to experiment and see which tips you prefer to find the best routine that supports your dreams.

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