• 02/03/2021

Get a Productive Morning Routine With These 8 Hacks


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People often link productivity with their work lives, but it begins at home. Your days will significantly improve if you craft a healthy routine that starts when you wake up. Try these eight simple hacks for a productive morning routine that changes how you conquer the rest of your life.

Anyone can make these changes, even if they’re busy or on a budget. See if you already do these things or if they’ll fit into your life and change how you achieve your goals.

1. Wake With Positivity

It’s challenging to get started for the day when you have a negative mindset. Set an intention to make your first thought positive. Instead of dreading your commute or wishing you could go back to bed, think of an encouraging fact about the day.

Maybe you’ll eat something great for lunch. You might chat with your best friend or see a new episode of your favorite TV show. When you have something to look forward to, it gives you a happier mindset that makes it easy to tackle your to-do list.

2. Start With Breakfast

You wouldn’t try to drive your car with an empty gas tank, so don’t start your day with an empty stomach. Eating breakfast fuels your body and gives you the energy to remain productive throughout the day. Skip sugary cereals and enjoy nutritious food instead, like scrambled eggs or whole wheat toast. You won’t deal with a sugar crash that makes you too sleepy to focus later on.

3. Make a List

Think about what you’d like to accomplish today or tomorrow and make a list. Productivity becomes simple when you know exactly what to do. You might list your school-related responsibilities or prepare for your next trip to get ahead of deadlines and booking fees. Check things off as you finish them and celebrate every big and small task along the way.

4. Lay Out Your Clothes

You can’t get things done if you don’t have time. Every productive morning routine can start by laying out your clothes the night before. It only takes a few moments, but you’ll have more time to put on makeup or pack your lunch after you wake up. It could make all the difference in helping you get out the door on time and get started with your day.

5. Start Meal Prepping

Cooking is another big time waster if you’re trying to remain productive. Skip spending time in the kitchen every day by meal prepping. Once a week, make all the things you’ll need for your favorite meals. Chop vegetables, cook meat and put everything into containers in the fridge. You’ll only have to warm things up in the microwave or pour it into a bowl before you’re right back to doing whatever it is you need to do.

6. Exercise After Waking

Even though you might want to get back into bed, exercising could be the key to becoming more productive. It gets your blood pumping so your energy increases. It even boosts your mood. People exercise to defeat their post-travel blues and distract themselves when they’re sad. It’s a healthy way to deal with negative thoughts and emotions that drag you down during the morning.

7. Set Phone Limits

Everyone’s experienced the moment when you look up from your phone and realize a half hour or longer has passed. Set hard phone limits in the morning to save time for more important things. You might avoid turning on your notifications until you leave the house or checking your email until you get to work.

Using your phone less also improves your mental health, so it’s worth trying. The world won’t end if you don’t look at it until you’ve accomplished your morning tasks or daily assignments.

8. Practice Mindfulness Habits

Mindfulness centers you in the present moment. You become more aware of every thought and action. It’s how you enjoy a meal or feel each breath expand your lungs. Instead of rushing through everything, you’ll utilize each moment of your day and easily glide through your to-do list.

Start your mindfulness journey by tuning into your sensations. Listen to what distracts you. Learn which distractions happen repeatedly. As you get used to your new way of paying attention, you’ll create new habits and require your brain to focus more easily.

Enjoy a More Productive Morning Routine

Use these simple hacks to create a productive morning routine without too much change. Little adjustments like laying out your clothes or writing a to-do list save time and make life easier. You’ll improve your focus and accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

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