• 02/19/2023

The Best Shadow Work Journals for Beginners

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People like to say they’re working on themselves, but what does that mean? It’s easy to lose track of your progress without a helpful tool like shadow work journals.

If you’ve never heard of shadow work journals before, don’t worry. This guide explains everything you need to know about the self-care practice and a few journals you can use to get started.

What Is a Shadow Work?

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung created the idea of shadow work to address everyone’s inner self. Everyone has a side of themselves that they keep private, which usually includes the character traits you don’t like about yourself.

Your shadow self is the persona with your anger, bitterness, grudges and other negative impulses you usually don’t talk about or reveal to others. People may want to ignore those parts of themselves, but that only hinders personal growth.

Shadow work embraces that hidden side of yourself to better understand and grow from it.

Benefits of Shadow Work

There are many benefits for anyone who tries shadow work. You’ll immediately gain a clearer understanding of your negative traits and what triggers them. You’ll also begin to embrace them as neutral components of your identity instead of personality facets that result in shame.

When you work through the most challenging parts of yourself, you gain more perspective on how you handle social situations and relationships too. Addressing your shadow self could be the key to unlocking self-love, confidence and inner peace if you have a history of challenges you’ve never processed.

Best Shadow Work Journals

Shadow work is much easier with a journal designed for the practice. These are some of the best shadow work journals for curious beginners.

1. Shadow Work Journal by Michelle Chira

Anyone looking for inner peace could find a way forward with the Shadow Work Journal by Michelle Chira. It guides readers through how to build healthy relationships and practice self-acceptance even if they’ve never loved themselves before.

$14.99 from Amazon

2. Shadow Work Journal for Beginners

You can begin your journey to self-love with the prompts in the latest Shadow Work Journal for Beginners. There’s plenty of space to record your thoughts as each prompt guides you through your shadow self and all the hidden corners you might not have addressed before.

$10.97 from Amazon

3. Shadow Work Journal and Workbook

Many hidden parts of personalities stem from childhood experiences. This journal and workbook attempts to heal the inner child while soothing past pains. You’ll learn to raise your self-awareness to accept yourself, become more creative and regulate your emotions.

$10.99 from Amazon

4. The Shadow Work Workbook

Great shadow work can’t happen if you know nothing about self-care. The Shadow Work Workbook teaches its readers about the meaning of self-care and how to practice it. Each prompt encourages readers to reveal their hidden selves and spend time with what scares them to shake their inner fears.

$14.39 from Amazon

5. Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal: Reclaim Your Wholeness

People who consider themselves free-spirited might respond best to the Into the Wild Shadow Work Journal. It has extra writing space to explore relationship challenges, depression, anxiety and other potential components of your shadow self. Give yourself permission to answer truthfully and heal as you work through each page.

$16.66 from Amazon

Use It To Improve Your Life

Shadow work journals are powerful tools to help people heal from the parts of themselves they dislike most. Find a journal that works for you and process those shadow aspects holding you back from your full potential.

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