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How Much Do Wedding Decorations Cost in 2023?


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When you’re planning a wedding; there’s a lot to think about. Between the attire, venue, guest list, seating chart, flowers, music and gift registry, it’s a lot to handle and a lot of money leaving your bank account. You also have to consider how much wedding decorations cost when setting your budget.

Your wedding decorations can be unexpectedly pricey. These are all those extra things you have around the ceremony and reception venues to make the experience more magical for you and your guests. Welcome signs, candles and aisle markers contribute to the atmosphere of your wedding, but it’s essential to know that several options range from crazy cheap to very expensive. 

Here’s what you need to know about the cost of some of the most popular wedding decorations. 

How Much Does It Cost to Decorate a Wedding?

Decorating for a wedding can cost between $2,000 to $10,000. Wedding decorations typically include flowers, centerpieces, lighting and more.

Your final price tag for decorations can vary depending on whether you want to go all out or stick with minimal decor. Some couples may want to deck their space out with flowers, lights, photo backdrops and more, while others may keep it simple and utilize the venue’s existing decor.

The Average Cost of Wedding Decorations

Here are some of the individual decor costs you can expect:

  • Flowers: $500-$1,500
  • Aisle Markers: $50-$150
  • Arch: $100-$550
  • Signs: $30-$200
  • Centerpieces: $20-$200
  • Aisle runner: $16-$180
  • Tablecloths: $15-$100
  • Lighting: $200-$5,000

The final costs can vary depending on where you shop and how much you need.

You can also save on costs by DIYing, thrifting or borrowing decor from friends and family. There are plenty of ways to make decor work for your budget.

What Decor Do You Need?

Wedding decor can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. While there is endless inspiration for wedding decor out there, it is all ultimately optional.

Some couples choose to stick with their venue’s existing decor, while others have a vision for a specific theme or atmosphere they want to achieve. However, if you’re on a budget, decorations can be the easiest thing to cut.

Here are some typical wedding decorations to consider when planning your big day.

Aisle Markers

A vase of baby's breath flowers hangs on a chair.

Aisle markers serve a few purposes when added to a wedding venue. They can help to distinguish a bride’s or groom’s side for guests, add color and beauty to the ceremony and reserve seating for family and other special guests. 

Flowers and ribbons are popular options to decorate your ceremony space and each comes in various options. 


Flower centerpieces decorate a wedding table.

Your florist may have packages that include aisle markers, but don’t feel confined to this option. While an aisle marker will be cheaper than your bouquets, several rows of guests can make purchasing them pricier than expected. 

You likely won’t want a whole bouquet for each aisle, so look at all of your options to get flowers in the area. You may even consider purchasing artificial flowers for your aisles, which family members can take home after the ceremony. This will help reduce your overall wedding decorations’ cost.


White chairs with green ribbons tied on the corners.

Having ribbons for your aisle markers is an elegant and cheap option, but it can be hard to find someone willing to make them. 

You can find beautifully-made ribbons online, but just a handful can cost you hundreds of dollars. If you don’t have the time or energy for bargain-hunting ribbons, there are free guides out there to make the ribbons yourself or delegate them to someone else. 

You can get fabric relatively cheaply from your local craft store and will have the freedom to customize the ribbons as needed. Another plus is that by making your ribbons, you aren’t limited to a specific number, so you’ll only spend what you need to. 

Aisle Runners

An outdoor wedding venue featuring a brown aisle runner.

If you don’t already have a marked aisle, you may want to have an aisle runner for the wedding party to walk down at the start of the ceremony. They are mostly used for outdoor weddings on uneven ground, creating a safer aisle for people to walk down.

Aisle runners can range from $16 to hundreds of dollars, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re wedding is inside or on solid ground, there’s no need to worry about using a runner. However, it’s often worth the cost for outdoor ceremonies to keep your guests safe.

If you have fall risks on your guest list or have a bridal party member uneasy in their heels, you’ll want to consider a non-slip fabric or a way to hold down your runner. 


A bride and groom kiss under a floral wedding arch.

For some couples, an arch is critical to their wedding aesthetic, and it’s easy to understand why. They are elegant framing devices, and you can theme them for almost anything. 

Like many decorations, a nicely decorated arch will be cheaper for someone to do themselves than if you have one professionally made, but it doesn’t hurt to look at your local and online options. 

Your arch will be featured in ceremony pictures, so if your heart is set on the one you see from a store, it may be worth the investment to make that purchase. To buy a decorated arch, you should expect a minimum price of around $100 and $200. 


One of the most thought-about reception decorations is the table centerpieces. They are what your guests will be looking at during dinner and conversations and can be important indicators of where your guests should sit. 

There are many different options for your centerpieces, and many are inexpensive, especially when you or someone else takes on decorating them. Popular and affordable centerpiece ideas include floating candles, glass pebble-filled vases and decorated mason jars. 

While some couples go all out with centerpieces, it’s becoming more common to go simple or skip them altogether. Some people don’t like the idea of guests not being able to see across the table or not having enough space for their plates. If you forego centerpieces, you can instead opt for decorative plates or small candles to add something less intrusive to the table.

If you purchase a pre-made centerpiece, you can expect to pay at least $20 per centerpiece. 


Having signs for your ceremony and reception can be a fun touch and serve as guides for your guests in busy venues. Ideas include welcome signs, directional signs, couple information signs and signs with nice sayings. 

Wedding signs can cost anywhere from $30 to $200 depending on the size and customization of the sign, and you can purchase them at many chain and online craft stores. They are also an easy element to DIY. All you need is a blank surface, like a plank of wood or a canvas, and some paint or letter stickers.

Where Can I Find Affordable Decorations?

Some nearly-weds hire a professional decorator to handle the decor. You might also work with a florist who provides full decorating services. Those options, however, can be on the pricier side.

If you want to decorate on a tighter budget, there are plenty of options. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can DIY decorations like signs, aisle markers and centerpieces.

Here are some budget-friendly wedding decorations to inspire you:

Planning for Wedding Decorations’ Cost 

Planning for a wedding is a stressful process and you shouldn’t have to compromise between saving money and having decorations to enhance your big day. 

Knowing your options when choosing decorations can help you find the best deal for your wedding.

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