• 06/03/2022

10 Centerpieces That Aren’t Flower Arrangements


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Whether you’re about to plan your wedding or you’re getting ready for another bash that excites you, there are so many creative options for your centerpieces. Although the traditional option of using flowers and floral arrangements can be beautiful, there are so many centerpieces that aren’t flowers that you can explore. If you are just on the hunt for a few interesting options that go beyond the regular florals, you’re in luck, because there are so many centerpiece options that you can choose from. Here are just a few to get you started.

Fish Bowl Centerpieces

This is an extremely creative idea that many people might not think of first. However, fish balls can actually be extremely versatile when it comes to centerpieces. You can put actual fish in them, or you can use fake fish or plants. You can also fill them with water and aquarium rocks.

Candy Dish Centerpieces

If you want your centerpiece to serve a purpose, you can always make something edible! You can even color coordinate the candy in a dish to the color scheme of your wedding or party. You can use a large candy jar or have a simple, tasteful dish for a few sweet treats.

Single Rose Centerpieces

You don’t need an entire floral arrangement to have a little bit of floral charm in your centerpieces. In fact, you can use single flowers in order to get the job done and stay completely classy, as well as under budget. A simple vase with a single rose can actually be unique and refreshing.

Branch Centerpieces

If you want to get a bit rustic and down-to-earth, you can always use branches and other natural elements in your environment. If you’re interested in more bohemian, neutral designs, using a branch either as a bouquet or formulating another branch craft idea can be a great way to bring a natural charm to your wedding or celebration.

Cupcake Towers

If edible centerpieces are the thing that catches your eye, cupcake towers can be a great way to knock out two birds with one stone! Not only do cupcake towers serve as a dessert item and negate the need for a big, expensive cake, but it also can tie the table together and provide a visually dynamic central point.

Disco Ball Centerpieces

Did somebody say visually dynamic? If you want to go for something totally dazzling, you can use a mini disco ball within an arrangement or centerpiece in order to match with the theme or stand out entirely. Although they can definitely radiate a disco vibe, they don’t have to — sometimes, they can simply add a little sparkle. 


If you want to have a little bit of romantic glow to your centerpieces, you can always use candles. While you don’t necessarily need to use a real flame, you can if you see it as a safe option for you! However, if the fire hazard is a bit too much, you can always use fake candles or electric candles, which are much safer.


There are a variety of different kinds of lanterns that you can use for centerpieces. Whether you are interested in using paper lanterns that have electric lights in the middle or vintage glass lanterns that can bring a little bit of antique charm, lanterns are a beautiful decorative choice that can also serve as a party favor for some of your choice guests.


Balloons can be a great choice for a daytime party or a more casual affair. Especially for parties like birthday parties and kids parties, balloons are almost a given. You can even color coordinate them to match the theme of whatever party you’re throwing.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

There are so many different things that you can do with mason jars, and even though you can put flowers and flower arrangements inside of them, you can also use them as their own centerpiece in so many creative ways. You can put candles inside of them, turn them into snow globes or even put fairy lights inside of them for a little bit of sparkle. Not only is this a fun and stylish option, but it’s also extremely affordable.

Creative Centerpieces That Aren’t Flowers

No matter what kind of party you are throwing, there are so many creative options that you can look into for decorating the tables beautifully. From fish bowls to edible centerpieces, and even things with a little bit of sparkle, you can find centerpieces that aren’t flowers that matches your party and your personality perfectly. Which of these centerpieces is your favorite?

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