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10 Creative Ideas for Lace Mason Jar Centerpieces

10 Creative Ideas for Lace Mason Jar Centerpieces

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Centerpieces set the mood for any event. Guests will gather around tables to chat, dine and have a great time, but not if there’s an eyesore right in front of them. If you’re struggling to figure out a size and theme for your tabletops, check out these creative ideas for lace mason jar centerpieces. You’ll find inspiration to make a custom design for whatever event you’re planning.

What Are Mason Jar Centerpieces?

Mason jars have been a significant trend that’s held firm over the past few years. They have a laid-back vibe that works well with eclectic venues, farmhouse interiors and rustic settings. They’re perfect for centerpieces because they come in numerous sizes, but they’ll never be too large for guests to see over.

Pink and white flowers in a mason jar wrapped with lace.

How Do You Glue Lace to Mason Jars?

Most lace designs for mason jars utilize the outside of the jar. You’ll need glue for that, but traditional craft glue may not have the strength to keep everything in place. Look into getting a hot glue gun with helpful modern features like built-in lighting and ergonomic handles. You’ll get a model that lasts for years so you can continue crafting long after your event ends.

Lace Mason Jar Centerpieces

Ready to get started? Compare these lace mason jar centerpiece ideas to find inspiration for your upcoming tabletop arrangements.

1. Cover in Burlap

Burlap has the same laid-back, rustic vibes that mason jars have. It’s also easy to work with and access on a budget. Find burlap with a brown shade that matches the rest of your venue, then cover the outside of each jar. Hot gluing lace around the middle will hold it together if you don’t want to glue or tie the burlap against the glass.

2. Hold With Twine

If your event uses twine in your floral arrangements or other decorations, use them with your lacy mason jars. You could wrap the glass in twine and cover it in lace or vice versa. Twine also looks great around the jar’s neck, making it look more like a professionally designed centerpiece. Glue is a great way to keep the twine in position and withstand transportation to your venue.

3. Use Lace Doilies

Lace doesn’t have to go on your mason jar if that’s not your style. You could also place lace doilies underneath each jar to soften their appearance. The clear glass leaves you with more creative freedom regarding filling options. You could do anything from filling the jar with pearls to making a home for live fish to make your event’s design unlike anything else.

4. Cut Multiple Lace Strips

You can also change things up by cutting lace into narrow strips or buying lace trim. It’s easier to handle and a better size for smaller jars. You’ll get a multi-layered effect that’s easy to complete in minutes. Multiple pieces of lace also present new opportunities for extra flare. Tie each loose end into bows to hold the lace on the jar. Dip the strips in glitter and glue them in place before they dry into straight pieces. You’ll create eye-catching centerpieces that fit more closely with your personality or your event’s theme.

5. Fill the Inside With Lace

A large swatch of lace can also line the inside of a mason jar. Make the tips peek out over the rim to decorate the outer edges of the bouquets that will eventually make each jar a home. You could also fill the inside with something other than flowers.

Tealights don’t pose a fire risk and elegantly illuminate lace from the inside out. If you’re planning an event with many kids, you might fill your centerpieces with candy that adds a splash of color. You don’t have to keep the lace against the glass with flowers if you want something more nontraditional.

6. Cover With Flowers

Transform everyone’s idea of a floral centerpiece by covering your mason jars with flowerheads. Lace will cover the glass directly, forming a base for each flower. You’ll know you’ve found the right floral option after comparing colors and sizes that fit your budget.

No matter which flowers adorn your lacy-covered jars, you can make them even more lovely by filling the inside with fairy lights. They’ll provide the same ambiance as a vase of flowers and candles, but you won’t have any open flames.

7. Play With Colors

When you imagine lace, do you picture traditional white or creamy hues? You might feel more inspired about creating lace mason jar centerpieces after browsing lace in various colors. You could cover them in bright green lace or a swatch of garnet red. The additional color will compliment whatever you place inside the jars and match the color scheme you’ve chosen for your event.

8. Paint Your Jars

Anyone who wants to lean into the rustic farmhouse vibes of their mason jars should consider painting them. It adds a unique texture to your centerpieces and allows you to personalize whatever jars you want for each tabletop. Use acrylic, glass or chalk paint to cover the glass. Allow it to dry and gently scratch it with sandpaper for a vintage feel that matches your event’s theme.

9. Bedazzle Your Lace

Amp up the sparkliness of your event by covering your mason jars with lace and bedazzling it. If you don’t have the budget for a bedazzling tool, you can use tweezers and a hot glue gun to accomplish the same project. It may take a bit more time than other DIY centerpieces because the glue will have to dry before you can transport them, but the extra bit of sparkle will add more fun to your big event.

10. Find Inspiration in Pearls

Mason jars can also become elegant centerpieces. If you want to use them at your wedding reception or vow renewal, glue pearls to the outer edges of your lace. They also look great when pearls fill each jar, rooting your flower arrangements or other centerpieces fillers in place. Even if you only sprinkle the pearls around the doily underneath your mason jars, they’ll enhance the classiness of each tabletop.

Where Can You Find Mason Jars?

People buy mason jars from various stores, so you’ll likely find them no matter where you prefer to shop. You’ll always find packs online, but you can also discover different jar shapes and designs at places like home goods and craft stores.

If you’re dealing with a tight budget, check your town’s farmer’s market, thrift stores and flea markets. People sell mason jars there for only a few cents. You may need to wash rust off the rims or lids, but you’ll save money compared to buying them from big brand stores.

How Much Do Mason Jars Cost?

You’ll know you’ve found a good deal on store-bought mason jars if you find them for $10-22 per pack in sizes like 8, 16 and 32 ounces. Four-jar packs will be on the lower end of the price range, while larger collections typically include eight or 12 jars.

Bulk pricing from large retailers will cost more, but the price-per-jar will be more budget-friendly than buying ten four-packs. Consider how many centerpieces you’ll need and how many jars you want on each table to determine the most economical way to purchase mason jars from your preferred stores.

Create Lace Mason Jar Centerpieces Today

Lace mason jar centerpieces are easy to make and personalize. Consider what you’ve already planned for your event — like colors, textures and flowers — to find complementary elements for your tabletop creations.

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