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16 Cheap Purple Flowers for Weddings

16 Cheap Purple Flowers for Weddings

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Your wedding will become much easier to plan once you have a color palette in mind. Many brides pick shades of purple because they work with elegant ceremonies and laid-back receptions. Check out these 16 variations of cheap purple flowers for weddings to create floral arrangements that fit your budget without compromising your dreams.

1. Lavender

When you picture inexpensive purple flowers, lavender likely comes to mind. It grows quickly and keeps its scent long after someone cuts it into a bouquet. Outdoor brides get a big bonus — lavender repels bugs like mosquitoes because of its natural oil. Lavender bouquets are the perfect cheap purple flowers for weddings.

Lavender is a great option for cheap purple flowers for weddings.

2. Verbena

Verbena flowers grow in tiny bunches that often show up in flower arrangements. It even keeps its distinct color when dried, so it’s perfect for purple wedding ideas on a budget. Grow them in full sun and leave them to dry to create simple, elegant decor.

3. Dwarf Iris

You may fall in love with the purple petals and yellow centers of dwarf irises. They’re stunning in bouquets and even make excellent window box flowers because they’re easy to buy and thrive in full sun.

4. Astra Blue

Balloon flowers have unique shapes right before they bloom. Look for Astra Blue seeds to use this affordable flower in your wedding while sticking with your color palette.

5. Clematis

Florists near your venue may offer clematis flowers. They have strikingly long petals with white centers that catch the eye. Use them to make your bouquet stand out or prepare your wedding venue with clematis flower centerpieces as your focal point. 

6. Allium

Want to attract butterflies to your outdoor ceremony or reception? Alliums are inexpensive purple flowers that butterflies find irresistible. Place them around your outdoor reception area or use the longer stalks to make them stand out in your flower crown.

7. Bellflower

Bellflowers are one of the best purple wedding ideas on a budget. They grow quickly and abundantly, so you’ll get plenty of petals for your investment. Tuck the tiny blooms into garlands or find inspiration through wedding bloggers to see how brides are bellflowers in floral arrangements.

8. Anemone

Unlike the bright orange sea plant, anemone flowers have broad purple petals that create bursts of color. They’re easy to fit into any budget but order them early. They may take a few months to grow if your preferred florist doesn’t keep them in stock.

Choose anemone for the perfect cheap purple wedding flower.

9. Monkshood

Monkshood flowers present another way to save money on your wedding budget. They’re tall, pretty flowers that resemble the vertical beauty of lavender. You can put the extra cash towards photography or catering instead.

Brides should be cautious about where they place these flowers. Monkshood is poisonous to children or pets who might try to taste the colorful buds.

10. Wild Indigo

If you want more tall flower varieties, consider working wild indigo into your arrangements. They can grow up to four feet tall and last well after properly drying.

11. Hyacinth

The most inexpensive purple flowers might come from your garden. Add a few hyacinth seeds to your yard in early spring and they’ll bloom a few weeks later. The purple flowers have elegant bundles of petals atop long stems, so you can use them in the most prominent centerpieces or floral arches.

Hyacinths make for beautiful cheap purple wedding flowers.

12. Alpine Betony

Add a few alpine betony flowers to your wedding to enjoy the visual difference of their feathery petals. They also have a pleasing purple-pink shade that works well with pastel color palettes inspired by spring.

13. Blue-Eyed Grass

Blue flowers and grass are the last things you want while researching purple wedding ideas on a budget, but this flower has neither of those things. Instead, blue-eyed grass flowers have purple petals that thrive during fall and provide a gorgeous contrast to traditional autumn wedding colors like orange or red.

14. Dianthus Caryophyllus

Wider floral arrangements are best for the dianthus caryophyllus flower. Its petals spread wide like an open palm, but they’re also thin. The zig-zag edges reach for the sky and make any floral arch explode with color. 

15. Cosmos

Anyone can grow or buy cheap purple flowers if they’re interested in the cosmos variety. These flowers grow quickly under full sun and have long stems. Grow your own bouquet or add the budget-friendly flowers to your florist order to layer it with more color without paying expensive fees.

16. Coneflower

Coneflowers are another variety that has a stunning appearance and attracts butterflies. They can’t resist the vivid cone centers that smell so sweet. You might even see a songbird or two hop around your venue to enjoy the coneflower’s scent.

Find Cheap Purple Flowers for Your Wedding

There are many cheap purple flowers for weddings that can work with any budget. Research what each flower looks like and how florists commonly use them. You may find some creative inspiration to use them in ways and make your purple color palette come to life in your hands.

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