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The Top 12 Wedding Bloggers of 2021

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Bloggers have posted articles that helped you learn how to cook recipes and decorate your home. They can also help you plan your wedding. Check out the top 12 wedding bloggers of 2021 for the latest news and tips. You won’t have to wonder if you’re missing out or losing money because these bloggers have your back.

1. 100 Layer Cake

Check back with 100 Layer Cake for almost daily posts. This blog shows off engagement photoshoots and details the ultimate destination weddings so you’ll find the inspiration you need to plan the perfect day.

2. Martha Stewart Weddings

You might know Martha Stewart from her cooking show, but she’s also become one of the most prominent voices in the wedding world. Her team goes into detail about things like creating and writing your invitations, arranging flowers and matching complimentary colors. You’ll find answers to just about anything on her blog, so browse the latest posts to see if they help your planning process.

3. Green Wedding Shoes

The creators behind Green Wedding Shoes know that there’s no one way to host a wedding. They publish regular content that explains how to save money on your reception or get married in your backyard. The entertaining tips become the icing on the cake for GWS readers.

4. Once Wed Blog

Once Wed features some of the top wedding bloggers in recent years. They put together galleries for future inspiration and point out every romantic detail you can buy or recreate. Don’t miss out on their beauty tutorials and DIY projects.

5. Rock My Wedding

Brides in the UK will love the local tips from Rock My Wedding. Their articles explain how to make your wedding unique with proven advice from brides who’ve done it all before. If you’re wondering what you should include on your wedding website or how to choose vendors, they’ll explain it all.

6. Junebug Weddings Blog

When you visit Junebug Weddings, you’ll discover a list of helpful resources for things like photography, vendors and planning. There are plenty of reviews for your perusal so you don’t accidentally book a bad vendor. Saving money starts with understanding what you’re paying for and checking out what other brides experienced before you entered the scene.

7. Love My Dress

Wedding fashion has a world of its own, but you’ll learn more about it with Love My Dress. This blog explains the latest dress trends and fashion tips, plus how you can find a designer dress for a discount. If you’re nervous about not finding the right dress, LMD is a great place to start looking.

8. Wedding Sparrow Blog

Any bride with an artist’s spirit should check the Wedding Sparrow blog frequently. It’s all about fine art wedding styles, gowns and flower arrangements. They curate photo and written content that won the site multiple awards for their artisanal, luxury vibe. It’s perfect for couples who want to elevate their wedding experience and avoid any overdone trends.

9. The Budget Savvy Bride

Even though your wedding will feel like a dream, it never feels good to spend tons of money. The Budget Savvy Bride dedicates its content to money-saving tips. You’ll learn how to slash prices while making your budget and how to spot a great deal on the most expensive wedding purchases, like your venue.

10. Love & Lavender

What’s more romantic than running a wedding blog with your spouse? Love & Lavender started with a husband and wife who wanted to make getting married easier. They post galleries from real weddings and give advice for how to plan everything. You’ll never wonder how to ask for specific decorations on your cake or pull your vision together at the last minute.

11. Rock N Roll Bride

Rock N Roll Bride is a blog for people who aren’t interested in wedding traditions. They proudly showcase every personalized detail and quirky decorative element. Sometimes they post about Chilean drag performers officiating a ceremony or receptions at the zoo. Refresh your perspective and envision something perfect by checking out the unique content.

12. Snippet & Ink

Sometimes personal testimonials are the best wedding advice. Snippet & Ink gives voices to newlywed couples who want to speak about their planning successes and mistakes. When they aren’t publishing guest interviews, the blog also showcases inspiration boards for everything from cocktails and decor, all drawn from the people they speak with. 

Find Your Favorite Wedding Bloggers

These wedding bloggers became popular because they all offer something a little different. Check them out to see which sites become your favorite sources of inspiration, tips and tricks. You’ll fly through your wedding planning and get to your big day before you know it.

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