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Timeless Peacock Color Palette Inspiration for Your Wedding

Peacock feathers in a vase.

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It’s easy to become captivated by the vibrant hues of a peacock in a peacock wedding color palette. The cool grays, teals, emerald greens, purples and golds are elegant and majestic. Who wouldn’t want to try and incorporate as many of those shades as possible in their wedding aesthetic?

A peacock wedding theme is inspired by the colorful palette of the peacock’s feathers and pairs beautifully with gold and silver metallics and candlelight. 

Brides who’ve dreamt of having a unique wedding with a breathtaking design will fawn over the many ways they can integrate these hues arrangements and attire. 

Peacock is perfect for any season, adding crisp style for summer vows and exuding warmth and enchantment against a snowy winter backdrop. The jewel tones are even more perfect for autumn weddings.

You can also add peacock wedding colors to a woodland-themed event with rustic features or an upscale style that leans towards extravagance and glam. From centerpieces to wedding cakes and accessories, you can draw plenty of inspiration from a peacock wedding color palette for a timeless event.

If you think a peacock theme is right for your wedding, here are some ideas to inspire you.

A collage of photos displays colors of peacocks.

1. Wedding Attire

A white or ivory bridal gown will stand out against bridesmaids draped in rich peacock shades. Bright teal, deep violet or sequin gold gowns are stunning choices for your favorite ladies to wear. 

Nowadays, many brides prefer to mismatch bridesmaid gowns for their wedding parties—and why not? A sea of peacock colors in a variety of styles and silhouettes can create gorgeous wedding pictures you’ll cherish forever. 

Grooms may also want to venture away from the typical black or navy suit and opt for a dark emerald green color instead. It may be a different style than what grooms typically wear, but he’ll look dashing standing next to you.

Groomsmen have options for peacock wedding attire, too. Dress your groomsmen in rich plum jackets or dark blue suits to draw from other peacock feather colors.

Even the bride herself may want to get in on the fun. In 2018, a survey found that 6% of brides wore colorful dresses on their wedding day. So, if brides are feeling bold and want to stray from traditional white or ivory, choosing peacock-inspired wedding dresses with a pop of color may be an exciting break from the norm.

A man in a blue suit and a woman in a blue dress embrace.

2. Accessories

Accessories provide numerous ways to integrate the peacock wedding theme colors into your special day. You may also highlight the diverse hues with beautiful gold or silver jewelry pieces.

Have your bridesmaids wear corsages made with peacock feathers, or slip a peacock feather into the groomsmen’s lapels. 

If you’re doing something special to your hair, you may decide to wear a peacock feather barrette or work one into a beautiful updo. Otherwise, simple yet stunning jewelry pieces may include bracelets and necklaces with jewel-tone pendants or subtler stud earrings in emerald, amethyst or sapphire.

There are other ways to draw inspiration from peacock colors, such as with the shoes you wear. Instead of white shoes, perhaps look for a pair in green or purple. Make them extra noticeable with some rhinestones on the toe, a bow or glitter. 

3. Invitations and Cards

If you know ahead of time that you plan to go along with a peacock-themed wedding, consider integrating the color palette in your save-the-date cards and invitations. 

While you may not want an actual peacock graphic on your mailings—unless you do, of course—you can send out beautiful invitations in all the peacock colors. 

There are several websites for creating beautiful invitations with lots of templates for you to choose from. Gold foil lettering will look amazing against darker navy and purple backgrounds. You can even go with a simple white invitation and add a peacock-colored floral graphic or whimsical lettering instead.

Other template designs may include damask patterns, lace embellishments or a solid color that’s clean and crisp.

Beyond invites, think of other ways to pull inspiration from your peacock color palettes, such as escort cards, table numbers and even the guest book. 

4. Wedding Cake

Cake artists are masterminds of intricate, beautiful desserts. From simple layers to multiple tiers, the possibilities are endless when designing a spectacular wedding cake.

Like all aspects of your peacock-themed wedding, your wedding cake can encompass all the colors of peacock feathers. Cake artists may even be able to work peacock feathers into cake decorations.

If you decide to go with a no-frills white cake, perhaps add blue, purple or green edible flowers. Another option is colorful frosting using your peacock color palette along with gold or silver garnishes. 

Some cake artists can create magical works of art. Ask if they can bake you a white buttercream cake with a cupcake train that resembles a peacock tail. Cupcakes are a fun, sweet-treat alternative to a traditional cake slice. 

5. Centerpieces

Bold and beautiful peacock wedding centerpieces will turn your big day into an elegant, chic affair. Imagine a jewel-toned tablecloth with a beautiful floral arrangement, gold or silver chargers and crisp, white plates. 

Metallic decorations will sparkle while mercury votives and twinkle lights add warmth and romance to your reception hall tablescape settings. You may also decide to include wooden bowls, branches or other nature-inspired decoratives for a greater rustic aesthetic.

A gold-rimmed hurricane candle swimming in peacock-colored flower petals or pebbles is another idea for creating the perfect focal point for your party tables. Undoubtedly, your guests will be talking about your wedding day for years.

6. Floral Arrangements

A bouquet with pink, red and purple flowers and peacock feathers.

The vibrant peacock palette looks lovely together and as standalone colors. That’s why it’s an excellent theme for assembling various eye-catching floral arrangements.

The bridal bouquet will look lush and full as all the colors complement each other. Add white roses or another bright neutral shade for additional contrast. The groom and groomsmen can wear boutonnieres with your wedding theme colors, while bridesmaids may don delicate flower pins or floral wreaths in their hair. 

Line the aisle with bright blue orchids, lilacs, and gold-dipped roses at the ceremony. You might also want to think about draping wisteria over the altar. 

Your florist will know the best peacock-tone flowers to use for your wedding day. Work alongside them to bring your dream magazine-worthy flower arrangements to life.

7. Bridesmaids Gifts

Stick with your peacock color palette while showering your bridesmaids with gratitude for their friendship. While gifts aren’t necessarily a requirement, it’s a generous way to thank them. 

You can easily purchase satin robes with monogrammed metallic initials or silky pajamas in peacock tones. Dressing up in matching loungewear can also make a fun photo opportunity for when you’re getting ready in the bridal suite.

Candles, colorful champagne flutes and jewelry are other ways to integrate your peacock tones into neat gifts. Assemble precious spa-like baskets for your ladies with purple bath bombs, blue and green soaps and other accessories for a relaxing evening. 

Finally, wrap your gifts in green gift bags with gold bows. Of course, they’ll notice how you used your color scheme right away.

8. Decorations

A peacock themed wedding can have stunning decorations. To achieve the look without going overboard, simply find decor in the right colors, such as royal blue, green and purple.

For a peacock themed wedding reception, you can incorporate peacock feathers into floral arrangements, centerpieces, wedding arches and photo backdrops.

Here are some stunning peacock wedding decorations perfect for this theme:

Peacock Inspired Weddings to Make a Lasting Impact

Your guests will remember your peacock wedding color palette for a long time. The time and effort you put into creating such a beautiful event for your friends and family to celebrate your and your partner’s love will be a memory captured by all who attend.

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