An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically bold, sometimes risky undertaking.

Adventures are often undertaken to create psychological freedom or in order to achieve a greater goal such as the pursuit of knowledge that can only be obtained in an optimistic manner.

  1. a person who enjoys or seeks adventure.
    • a person willing to take risks or use methods for sometimes personal and individual gains
      “Ready, fire, aim” is a great attitude for just getting started, launching in, and figuring stuff out along the way. It’s the way most adventurers operate. And it’s all good, just so long as you accept that it’ll probably take a long time before you hit whatever it is you’d like to hit.


Being an adventurer is a feeling that is in your soul and on your mind every single day, and sometimes, it takes over completely.

Adventuring is the desire to travel somewhere and get away from your normal life. To explore and see new things and meet new people and try foods with names you can’t pronounce.

Being an adventurer is a personality in itself.

“I can’t deny myself something that makes me look forward to tomorrow.”

Selfies have become a somewhat controversial subject and a point of contention, especially in the tourism industry. Every year, popular travel destinations are inundated with…

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