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Make the Most of Your Adventures With These Bucket List Travel Ideas

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Every adventurer eventually feels like they’ve seen everything the world offers. Whether you’re stuck in a travel routine or need inspiration, use these bucket list travel ideas to plan your next vacation. You’ll have an incredible time exploring the globe, no matter which type of destination you prefer.

Beachfront Destinations for Your Bucket List

Globetrotters haven’t lived until they’ve spent time at these beachy destinations that make travelers redefine what it means to relax on the coast.

The Maldives

Bungalows. Fresh seafood. Snorkeling. Experience it all by visiting the Maldives this year. The tropical getaway features crystal-clear waters and blue skies that are perfect for every ocean adventure. The islands are on many peoples’ bucket list ideas for their beauty, romance and endless possibilities for fun.

Bora Bora

Celebrities and royals are among the annual visitors to Bora Bora. The island is only six miles long, but unforgettable experiences await you there. The volcanic peaks and coral reefs set the scene for adventure when you’re not lounging in a plush bungalow bed or dining at five-star restaurants. 


Jet over to Greece to see everything Navagio has to offer. It’s one of the best bucket list travel ideas for couples due to its romantic caves, white sand beaches and mythological history setting an awe-inspiring vibe. Don’t forget to pack C and F converters for electrical outlets so your phone never runs out of battery.

Mountainside Bucket List Travel Ideas

If mountaintop views make your soul sing, visit some of these places when you’re ready to see the globe. They won’t disappoint, even if your version of a mountainside vacation means relaxing in a five-star hotel.


Peru is home to Vinicunc, otherwise known as the rainbow mountain. People add this destination to their travel bucket list due to the region’s brightly colored sand sloping in stripes across the hills. After exploring the mountain, you can hike Machu Picchu or dive into local lakes.


You might not think of Switzerland when you picture bucket list travel ideas for couples but don’t miss the opportunity to visit Grindelwald. The gorgeous Swiss Bernese Alps tower around the town, providing winter sports trails and views for your hot tub time.

The Andes

Don your warmest human layer cake clothing and travel to the Andes. The classic mountain views stun people as they hike, fish, swim and bike. There are also plenty of museums and city-centered fun dotted around the mountains when you need a break from the stunning peaks.

Desert Oasis Bucket List Ideas

A complete collection of bucket list travel ideas always includes a few desert oasis destinations. These could be your next favorite places to vacation if you give them a try.

Wadi Bani Khalid

Soar across the world to the Arabian Sea and you’ll discover Wadi Bani Khalid. The oasis hosts curious swimmers and hikers every day. When you’re done splashing around in the cerulean waters, restaurants await along the shore with some of the best Arabic food.

Havasu Falls

Add Arizona to your bucket list ideas by booking a trip to Havasu Falls. Hiking trails lead to the magnificent gushing water cascading over orange rocks. Just remember to treat the desert-frot land respectfully, because it’s on the Havasupai Tribe’s land. Pick up your trash and don’t hike during the day to avoid breaking rules that disrespect the law and the tribe.

Siwa Oasis

Get your passport ready for a trip to Egypt if you want to explore the Siwa Oasis. It has stunning desert views, plus an 11th-century fortress, tombs and campsites with a front seat to the Milky Way at night. There are even safari vehicles ready ot show you what awaits in the Great Sand Sea if you reserve a ticket.

Camping Locations Perfect for Bucket List Trips

Lose yourself in nature without getting lost by visiting these incredible camping locations. They belong on anyone’s bucket list, especially if you feel like you’ve tried every camp site near your home.

Yosemite National Park

Year-round bucket list travel ideas always include Yosemite National Park. The expansive scenery features campsites in forests, along cliffs and by beaches. It’s even open in the winter if youwant to bring cold-weather camping gear and try ice skating or snowshoeing.


People dream about going to Scotland, so take advantage of the unmatched views by camping at Gairlock. The campsites are abundant, tucked between castles, lochs and waterfalls. Plan to bring waterproof supplies since the area experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year.

Glacier National Park

You’ll find the bluest waters within the lakes inside Glacier National Park. Whether you like camping with an RV, tent or a cabin, they’re all available year-round. Bring your favorite people and look forward to the best hiking and swimming experiences around. This is a popular travel bucket list idea for adventurers of all ages and interests, so you’re guaranteed to have a great time. 

Plan Your Next Incredible Vacation

Gather these bucket list travel ideas and see which ones make your vacation dreams come true. No matter how you want to spend your time, there are gorgeous destinations waiting with fun activities. 


What Is a Bucket List Vacation?

A bucket list vacation is any trip that you want to experience within your lifetime. The specific definition differs depending on each person’s unique interests. Someone who loves camping might have a campsite bucket list while another person has a list of five-star hotels in popular celebrity-visited destinations.

How Do I Make a Travel Bucket List?

You can make a travel bucket list by considering what factors are most important to a perfect vacation for you. Find at least three factors, then pick destinations that include one or more. 

People also pick bucket list vacation ideas by imagining reflecting on their life. What images or experiences come to mind that you would regret missing out on? Those are likely your inspiration for making a bucket list if you think they’re feasible. A luxury trip to Bora Bora is one thing, but a trip to Mars isn’t possible so it wouldn’t belong on your list.

What Is the Number One Vacation Spot in the World?

The number one vacation spot in the world is Tokyo, Japan, according to Tripadvisor’s Top 2024 Destinations report. Given how Tokyo is the central hub of the island that has a bit of everything, it’s no wonder peopl want to experience everything it has to offer.

Where do you most want to travel?

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