Here at Revivalist, it’s our job to source the most beautiful, timeless yet unique versions of style. And we take our jobs very seriously. You can read with ease and comfort, knowing that we’d never recommend styles that we ourselves didn’t envision to have.

We make our version of style in a way to present ideas to help streamline your mornings, clothing to help prep for a busy workweek, gear that’ll get you through life, fashion trends that have actual real-life potential—if it’s life-enhancing, day-bettering, or flat-out good-looking, our goal is to get it on your radar.

What are the things you need to think about while planning a redesign for your kitchen? When you are like other homeowners, the first thing…

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best wedding business ideas
• 12/23/19

10 Best Wedding Business Ideas for 2019

Do you adore helping others? Why not start a side hustle helping brides and grooms celebrate their special day?You don’t have to expend a lot…

beach wedding attire for men
• 10/28/19

8 Ideas for Beach Wedding Attire for Men

With one in four couples choosing a destination wedding, it’s more than likely you’ll find yourself on a sandy beach — whether as a groom,…

Wedding after party
• 10/15/19

Wedding After-Party Planning: How to Host a Budget-Friendly Celebration

The party doesn’t stop once the reception is over — which is where a wedding after-party comes into play. If you’re thinking of hosting an…

easy brunch menu
• 05/30/19

Quick and Easy Brunch Menu All Guests Will Love

Brunch can be a great time to sit down with friends and enjoy the midmorning sun. However, you may be wondering what to include on…

minimalist packing
• 05/28/19

Mastering the Minimalist Travel Packing List

Minimalist travel is a method of packing only the absolute essentials and nothing more. This type of lifestyle has allowed long-term travelers to live on…

destination wedding gift bags
• 05/23/19

Our Favorite Destination Wedding Gift Bags for Guests

Hosting a destination wedding is a dream that many brides have. It’s a fun way to get away from home for a while and still…

how to make wedding rentals work
• 02/27/19

Something Borrowed: How to Make Wedding Rentals Work for You

Your wedding expenses can become overwhelming in a flash after you purchase new decor, props and high-end products. You might feel increasingly tense as the…

laid-back wedding ideas
• 02/14/19

Laid-Back Wedding Ideas You Should Steal for Your Next Party

Couples can get extremely creative when it comes to their wedding — even if they keep it casual. From chic backyard events to casual receptions,…

home decor for celebrations
• 02/07/19

Home Decor Ideas for Every Type of Celebration

You finally have an opportunity to host a party in your own place. Maybe you’ve avoided the responsibility for a while. Or maybe you’ve been…

informal wedding ideas
• 01/24/19

Informal Wedding Ideas for 2019

Maybe you’re not a fan of frills or an overly fancy affair, or perhaps you want to shake some old traditions up. Either way, you’re…

DIY wedding projects
• 01/15/19

DIY Wedding Projects: Make These for Your Wedding and Then Use Them at Home

Because every part of a wedding adds up, you’re trying to find lots of ways to save money. DIY wedding projects can reduce your expenses…

• 12/06/18

Minimalist Wedding Checklist You’ll Want to Save

Weddings have a reputation for being extravagant and over-the-top, but today, those ideas clash with how most people view their lives and themselves. There are…

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