• 02/11/2023

The Ultimate Beach Packing List

beach packing list - a group of people on the beach

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Your next vacation should be a relaxing getaway, but it’s challenging to feel relaxed when you realize you forgot something at home. Use this beach packing list to put everything you need in your luggage and spend every moment soaking up the sun.

1. Sunscreen

Most people know sunscreen prevents conditions like sunburn, peeling and skin cancer. When picking a sunscreen product to bring on your beach vacation, don’t forget that your choice will also affect ocean life.

Standard chemical ingredients in sunscreen harm coral reefs and ocean wildlife when the waves wash it off your skin. You can upgrade your beach packing list by getting a sunscreen bottle marked reef-safe or eco-friendly.

2. An Umbrella

Unless your vacation happens on a beach with plenty of shade, you’ll eventually get tired of being in direct sunlight. Pack an umbrella that’s easy to carry so you can take it to any location. You’ll spend more time on the dunes without increasing your risk of sunburn.

3. Multiple Beach Towels

Once you figure out how you’ll reach the beach by mapping your transportation options, you may realize the beach isn’t close to any shops. Pack a few extra beach towels in your suitcase and bring them in a beach bag. You’ll have everything you need to stay dry and lay on the beach without covering yourself in sand.

4. A Cooler

Leaving the beach for lunch might feel fun at first, but you may not want to leave for every snack and meal. Add a cooler to your beach packing list to avoid that problem. The hard outer shell will keep drinks extra cold and protect your food from sand. You could even bring a bag of chips in your vacation backpack to prevent your cooler from getting too heavy.

5. Reusable Food Storage Bags

Food can quickly become the most costly part of any adventure. Keep costs low by bringing reusable food stage bags that you can use anytime. You can prep meals and snacks for the beach and bring them in your cooler, thanks to the protective silicone bags. They’ll even keep leftovers safe if you enjoy a meal at a restaurant and want to bring leftovers back to your hotel room.

6. Portable Phone Charger

There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite music while hanging out on the beach. Eventually, your phone battery might run low. Don’t head back to your hotel room and end your beach time early. Use a portable phone charger to boost your battery instead.

The best phone chargers work with any time of phone. Bring an extra charging cord for your beach bag and you can use your phone all day long. It may even save the day if you’re adventuring out in town and need to quickly charge your phone in the middle of the day.

Save Your Beach Packing List

Anyone can use this beach packing list to prepare for their upcoming coastal trip. You’ll have everything you need to vacation abroad and stay comfortable out on the dunes. Consider what you enjoy doing most while you’re sitting in the sun or splashing in the waves to bring the best items that will make you happy.

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