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The Best Coron Beaches to Visit This Year (Updated for 2024)

The Best Coron Beaches to Visit This Year

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Most people dream about traveling to at least one gorgeous location every year. You might imagine yourself skiing down a mountainside or hiking through scenic trails, but there’s something extra relaxing about going to the beach. Try something a bit different by learning about the best Coron beaches to visit this year. You’ll travel the world, see new sights and make incredible memories you’ll treasure forever.

Where Is Coron?

You may picture island getaways as places with plenty of tourists and cliche attractions that take away from the surrounding area’s natural beauty. Coron is the opposite. It’s a cluster of islands in a province called Palawan within the western Philippines. The many beaches are remote, serene places to enjoy the quiet beauty of a private oceanfront vacation spot.

Why Is Coron a Tourist Spot?

People often travel to popular places with tons of people and tourist attractions. What makes Coron different? The islands have a total population of 65,855 people over 266 miles of land. There isn’t a bustling shopping or nightlife scene, but people who travel to the area every year don’t need any of that.

Coron is a relaxing destination long before travelers arrive. They can take a ferry or a small plane to whichever island they prefer and use the travel time to begin recharging their social energy that may have depleted due to stress. After gazing over pristine waters from their boat or window seat, travelers can relax on their chosen island and continue their tranquil trip.

What Are the Best Coron Beaches?

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You may wonder which Coron beach is the best to visit since there are so many islands to choose from. Consider these popular oceanfront destinations as your next vacation. 

1. Atwayan Beach

The northwest location of Coron Town Proper features the beloved Atwayan Beach. It’s a small strip of sand that’s just over half a mile long. Lay your beach towel on the white sand surrounded by tropical trees and listen to the lapping waves in the tiny bay. When you finish soaking in the extra vitamin D, stop by the lone restaurant or bar for an international dish that will dazzle your taste buds.

2. Banul Beach

People have to catch their breath when they walk onto Banul Beach. The stunning powdery sand and rocky cliff faces create a beach straight out of your dreams. Put your umbrella and towels down to snap a few Instagram pictures and then run into the turquoise waters. 

Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling supplies or a kayak for extra fun. There are a few bars and restaurants to keep you entertained between dips in the ocean, as well as private rental boats so you can go fishing or dive into deeper waters.

3. Smith Point Beach

Drive south of Banol Beach and you’ll find Smith Point Beach. It’s a small circular bay surrounded by towering limestone formations. The clear waters sparkle off the rocks around the beach and host numerous marine species, like starfish and clownfish. Save some time to dine on the freshest seafood in Coron by making reservations at the beach’s surrounding restaurants.

4. Coron Youth Club Beach

You don’t need to join a private organization to visit Coron Youth Club Beach. This public getaway is one of the best Coron beaches to visit this year. It’s nearly four miles from Coron Town Proper and offers the best waters for snorkeling because of its coral reef.

The beach also has tons of shade, thanks to the surrounding vegetation. You won’t need to carry umbrellas out to your spot on the sand because you can set up your beach chairs under tropical trees. Contact a bangka owner to catch a ride out to Coron Youth Club Beach on a motorized canoe.

5. Malcapuya Island Beach

When you’re dreaming about clear waters that fade through shades of blue all the way across the continental shelf, Malcapuya Island Beach is the perfect vacation spot for you. After riding a boat for just over an hour, you’ll reach this getaway between Bulacao and Tampel Islands.

Sip on fresh coconut water while lounging on the sand or visit the oceanfront bars for cocktails. You can always fit this beach into your island hopping tour if you find a local cruise that will show you more of the Coron area.

6. Marchilla Beach

Riding a scooter about an hour and a half from Coron town will bring you to the gorgeous Marcilla beach. Be sure to go slow since the road is partly made of gravel and earth — expect bumpy rides due to the rough terrain. However, it’ll be worth it once your feet land in this serene location. You’ll be welcomed with fine white sand, azure waters, and a picture-perfect shore, enchanting you to soak right away. If you want a less touristy destination, Marcilla is the ideal spot to reward yourself with some time to relax. 

7. BBH Beach

This astonishing location is one of the best Coron beaches for families. If you want to escape the city and enjoy water activities like snorkeling and diving, this place offers abundant ways to chill and destress. 

Be in awe of the stunning rock formations dotted with green vegetation or be bewitched by the small plateau of corals in your view when you dive. BBG Beach has one of the best sights in Coron. Stop by for a day or stay for a longer trip if you’re looking for a luxurious getaway.

8. Beach 91

If relishing a delectable lunch on a boat in a tropical paradise is a thing you’d want to do at least once, Beach 91 is the right place to be. Rest after all the island hopping and enjoy buttered shrimp, grilled fish and other seafood at the lunch buffet.

Treat your buds to a tasty meal and your eyes to a scenic view — all while feeling the warm breeze on your face, hearing the sound of the waves and listening to live singers serenading you with their gentle voices. Enjoy a kayak after lunch and stay until sunset to end the perfect tour. 

9. CYC Beach

About 15 minutes on a private boat, you’ll have the pleasure of visiting CYC Beach. For others, this spot may look plain, but it still brings a dose of happiness to everyone who visits. Swim on the shallow shores with the view of mangrove trees on one side or bask under the sun. Get captivated by the soft sensations of the powdery sand on your feet and the tranquility of this exquisite destination. 

10. Bulog Dos Island

Just north of Two Seasons Coron Island Resort, connected by a sandbar, is Bulog Dos Island. If there’s one scene that frames the iconic Philippine beaches, it’s this paradise with a panoramic view of the pure waters. 

Swim and snorkel. Lay on the white beach and allow the clear waters to gently touch you. Feel the healing magic of waves crashing against the shore. Take great photos against a breathtaking beach backdrop that will surely make anyone jealous. 

Consider Your Favorite Coron Beach

Finding the next fantastic vacation destination isn’t challenging after learning about Coron in the Philippines. Consider some of these locations to compare the best Coron beaches to visit this year and find your next favorite travel spot.

Original Publish Date: May 13, 2022 — Updated July 2, 2024

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