• 05/23/2024

7 Tips for Taking the Best Pictures for Instagram in 2024

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Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or just a regular person trying to up your Instagram game, it’s not hard to see that the landscape of social media changes all the time — particularly in the last few years. You may be wondering how you can take the best pictures for Instagram to keep up with the trends.

While Instagram strategy has been the name of the game for a long time, the algorithm has changed a lot in recent years, as have the tastes and aesthetics that are most popular on the platform. Within the past few years, we have seen a new level of authenticity, diversity of style and unique expression on Instagram, and you can be a part of it, too. Here are a few tips for posting the very best Instagram photos in 2024.

How to Take the Best Pictures for Instagram

You don’t need a fancy camera to take the best pictures for Instagram. This guide is perfect for anyone with a cellphone who wants to up their photo game. Dive into our best Instagram photos tips to make your feed influencer-worthy this year.

1. Photo Dumps

Photo dumps continue to be popular on Instagram. This trend simply means posting a batch of unedited photos all at once, often with the caption “photo dump.” Many people prefer to save pictures over the course of a month, or longer, and post them all at once instead of posting multiple times a month.

When you’re out and about, snap pictures of anything fun or interesting you see. Pose in front of a mural or grafittied wall. Capture some wildflowers or a stray cat crossing the street. Take candids of your friends while you’re at a museum or out for coffee. Compile all these shots into one post to give your followers an authentic look into your daily life.

2. Adjust the Lighting

Lighting can make or break your photos. When choosing a spot to take a picture, pay attention to where your light source is coming from. If the sun is behind you, your face may appear dark and less sharp in the photo. Instead, stand to the side or find a wall to use as a backdrop.

If you snap a great pic but the lighting isn’t so flattering, play around with the settings. On most phones, you can adjust the exposure, brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, blackpoint, saturation and vibrance. While you don’t want to overdo it, try adjust one or two settings to see if you can make your image sharper.

3. Pick a Signature Filter

Do you want your feed to look cohesive? Choosing a signature filter to put on all your photos can help achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.

Some people will try to post photos that all have the same color palette, but that can limit which photos you have to choose from. Using a filter can make any photos, no matter what colors they feature, fit into your grid. Choose something subtle that won’t mess with the photo quality.

4. Go For a Close-Up

Gone are the days of extending your arm to take selfie. While no one’s post their forearms anymore, the selfie is still alive and well. Instead, take a close up shot for a personal and casual feel. Celebs like Hailey Bieber use this technique to show off their makeup and accessories, while making a quirky and relatable “candid” expression.

If you’re embracing the no-makeup trend, a close-up selfie can perfectly capture your natural beauty.

5. Tilt Your Camera

If you’re bored of the standard portrait shot when posing by yourself, spice things up with a new angle. Have your photographer tilt the phone slightly to add some visual interest.

This subtle technique will take your photos from, “My mom took this on our family vacation,” to “I’m an off-duty model with a pro photographer following me at all times.” Make sure to have an interesting background as well, like this busy NYC intersection.

6. Blur It Out

Grainy and blurry photos continue to be popular due to their candid quality. A blurred shot can feel less stiff and posed than a standard portrait. They also have an artsy feeling that is still easy to achieve.

When you’re posing for a picture, make a slight movement, like turning your head or tossing your hair. It may take a few tries, but you’re sure to have a great result. You can also use the Slow Shutter app, which mimics a show shutter speed on a camera.

7. Lean or Lounge

The hardest part of taking a good photo by yourself is knowing how to pose. Take notes from the posing-pro Sofia Grainge and find something to lean or lounge on. This pose will feel a lot more natural than standing straight up or putting your hands on your hips.

This trick is great for showing off an outfit without the photo feeling forced. As an alternative, you can sit back on a lounge chair for an effortless vibe.

Taking and Posting Your Best Instagram Photos

There are so many ways to express yourself on social media, and Instagram is one of the most visual tools around. In 2024, there is so much more freedom to explore your aesthetic, post a bit more conservatively and use whatever tools you have to present an authentic vision of yourself. Although it may take a bit of soul-searching, you can take the best pictures for Instagram and share them with your friends and followers.

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