• 11/10/2020

8 Techniques to Recharge Your Social Battery


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Everybody has a social battery, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Although everyone has their own unique social capacity and preferences, everyone needs to recharge at some point or another. Sometimes, being in social situations can be draining, and recharging your social battery is a part of practicing self care. Usually, the conversation around recharging your social battery mostly revolves around introverts, but even extroverts can find themselves tired after a day of being “on” all the time. If this sounds like something you need, here are a few techniques you can use to recharge your social battery back where you want it!

1. Spend Some Much-Needed Alone Time

This is one of the more obvious tips, but it must be said — spending a little bit of alone time can give you the rest you need to recharge your battery and feel a bit rejuvenated. Specifically, this can be almost like a magic fix for introverts, as alone time is usually the best thing to create a surge of comfort and energy.

2. Turn Your Brain Off

Sometimes, feeling tired means that you can’t devote even mental energy to anything that would normally feel fairly leisurely. Reading, having a conversation with someone or doing more “productive” tasks might be off the table for a little bit, and that’s okay. You might need to turn your brain off a little to get that charge back — stretching, watching a little tv or even listening to music can be great ways to mellow out and recharge your social battery.

3. Nourish Your Body

While your brain and social sensibilities might feel drained, you may also notice after long social gatherings that your physical body is also in need of some nourishment. Check in with your body and pay attention to what you need — are you dehydrated, hungry, tired or in need of a shower? Providing those things for yourself can be the best way to recharge a bit, both physically and mentally.

4. Get Outside

Even if you aren’t necessarily an outdoorsy person, getting outside for a little while can help you find a little bit of calm and serenity after a large social engagement. If you’re tired, you don’t need to go on a long hike or run a marathon. Simply sit outside, or even go for a walk if you’re up for it. The outdoors have a way of recharging almost everything.

6. Focus On Your Breath

Breathing exercises can be a great way to find a bit of calm and grounding. If you only have a little while to recharge before moving onto something else, doing some breathing exercises can be a great quick fix. Whether you prefer to count your breaths or take a more physical approach to breathing exercises like deep belly breaths, you can find a breathing exercise that works for you.

7. Spend Time With Furry Friends

Pets can provide just about the only social interaction that doesn’t drain you. In fact, spending time with your furry friends can actually be the perfect fix when it comes to finding social balance. Even though they provide comfort and companionship, they don’t require you to engage in steady conversation, eye contact or other social expectations that come along with socializing with people. Snuggle up with your cat or take your dog for a walk — they’ll love you even if you aren’t “on” all the time!

8. Get Some Actual Rest

You may not want to hear this one, but it’s true. Sometimes, when you feel completely drained, the best thing that you can do is get some actual rest. Yes, that’s right, sleep! Social drain is real, and it can drain you physically just like it can drain you mentally. If you feel completely tired, you might just need to head to bed early or lay down for a nap in order to recharge.

Recharge Your Social Battery 

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between, everybody needs some time to charge their social battery after long periods of socializing. Everybody has their own capacity for social interaction, and that’s completely okay. Similarly, everybody will have their own methods of recharging when the day is done. Whether simply spending some time alone is enough to recharge you completely or you find yourself needing a bit more nourishment — either of the body or mind — you can find the perfect routine to help you recharge and reset. Which of these social recharging techniques looks the most useful to you?

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