• 02/09/2023

Women’s Weekend Travel Bag Essentials

Women’s Weekend Travel Bag Essentials

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Preparing for a trip is exciting, but what should you bring? There’s nothing worse than arriving for your vacation and realizing you forgot a few essentials at home. Avoid that experience by packing these women’s weekend travel bag essentials before your next adventure.

1. Travel Deodorant

Check the size of your current deodorant container. You may need to get a different size if your weekend trip includes stopping by a TSA checkpoint in an airport. Liquid deodorant containers should be no larger than 17 ounces, while solid deodorants can be any size.

Pack deodorant in your luggage or carry-on bags, plus any purse you’ll carry around your vacation. You’ll never be without a solution to any odor that occurs while traveling.

2. Dry Shampoo

You’ll need your daily shampoo and conditioner to protect your trendy hair color while showering, but don’t forget a bottle of dry shampoo. A few quick spritzes will freshen up your look after hiking or adventuring. You’ll arrive for dinner dates or time with friends with hair that looks professionally styled.

3. Extra Socks

You never know when you might need a fresh pair of socks. Don’t leave home without ballerina liner options for outfits that require flats or no-show socks for tennis shoes. Whether you prefer sustainable shoe brands that prioritize sustainable production processes or pairs from designer brands, your feet will feel comfortable in any outfit.

4. Oil-Free Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen even when you aren’t at the beach prevents premature signs of aging and reduces your risk of skin cancer. Make this skincare option effortless by trying an oil-free sunscreen that doesn’t leave a sheen on your skin. It absorbs instantly, so it doesn’t clog your pores or leave a residual matte over your face.

5. Mini Makeup Remover Wipes

A traditional box of makeup remover wipes takes up too much space in weekend travel bags. Instead of packing a large container, bring mini makeup remover wipes for your next trip. They have individual wrappers, so they take up hardly any space and decompose naturally in landfills. You can wear makeup daily without worrying about bringing bulky remover wipes in your travel bag.

6. Breath Freshener Kit

You never know when you might need to defeat stinky breath. Throw a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste set n your suitcase or purse. You can freshen your breath whenever needed, especially if you carry breath strips or a mini mouthwash bottle throughout your adventure.

7. Extra Phone Charger

Being near an electrical outlet while away from your home or workplace isn’t always possible. Get ahead of low phone batteries by bringing a wireless phone charger that works for iPhones and Androids. Your phone will never have a low battery, even if you use it to map your hiking trails or play music while deep-sea fishing.

8. Laptop Case

Sometimes bags fall over in the trunk during road trips or get thrown around by airline workers. Your laptop could hit the ground and break, but a protective laptop case might save the day. Look into getting a bag for your Macbook or your PC laptop with handles for easy carrying and protective cushioning.

Pack Your Weekend Travel Bag Essentials

You won’t need anything when you pack these women’s weekend travel bag essentials. Enjoy your upcoming vacation and save money by bringing everything you need to stay safe, comfortable and have fun while you’re on your next trip.

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