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Romantic Travel Ideas for Your Upcoming Anniversary

A man and woman sit on a rock overlooking a lake and the night sky.

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Anniversaries are always a great excuse to celebrate the love you share with your partner. Whether you want to reflect on decades of marriage or reminisce on years of dating, you can change things up by planning a trip. Consider these romantic travel ideas for your anniversary this year. You could experience something brand new with your favorite person to continue making lifelong memories together.

A curving coastline of the French Riviera. There's some empty beach space in front of a large city, a background of mountains and a large blue sky with distant white clouds.

1. Cruise Along the French Riviera

You’ve likely heard the French Riviera referenced in TV shows, books and movies. It’s the southernmost stretch of France, where the Mediterranean sea creates gorgeous beaches. It’s the ultimate place for a sweet trip with your favorite person because there are so many cities and villages to visit.

Choose a place known for celebrity visits, like Antibes, or older cities like the Vieux Nice. Just book your hotel well in advance since venues around the French Riviera average an 84% occupancy rate due to the area’s popularity.

Multiple over-the-water bungalows connected with a walkway sit over light blue waters in the Maldives. A small island sits in the background.

2. Relax in the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. People photograph its turquoise waters and white sand beaches to remember their dreamy experiences there. Book an overwater bungalow to relax with your partner in a breezy getaway.

You could walk over a glass floor and see fish swimming underneath you between ocean kayaking and snorkeling adventures. Stay at an all-inclusive resort that also provides jet skis and volleyball equipment. No matter where you stay, the Maldives will dazzle you.

A man sits in an open-top car in tall grasses in Botswana. The sun is setting in a pink sky just beyond trees lining the grassy field.

3. Enjoy an African Safari

People often travel to places like Botswana to enjoy multi-day excursions with safari leaders. You could ride in an open-air car along trails leading to plains covered in elephants and watering holes hosting giraffes. Your partner might even love staying in a glamping venue. You’d get to stargaze without any light pollution and spot constellations while snuggling by a campfire.

A glass of red wine sits on the edge of a balcony overlooking blurry vineyards, a river and a mountain in the background under a cloudy sky.

4. Taste Wines in Oregon

Enjoying something delicious is one of the best ways to spend time with the people you love. If you and your partner love pairing wine with your daily dinners, plan a trip to one of the luxury wineries in Oregon. The rolling countryside features numerous vineyards with unique blends. You could even stay on-site if your selected winery also has a bed and breakfast.

Don’t worry about packing extra outfits in case there’s some spillage during your tasting. You can always remove stains with baking soda from any local grocery store. Save the steps on your phone so you’re ready to fight wine stains wherever you go.

The northern lights shine pink, purple and green over a snowy landscape with a few hibernating trees. Stars dot the sky around the lights.

5. Kiss Underneath the Northern Lights

The northern lights happen when solar storm particles interact with naturally occurring gasses along Earth’s magnetic fields. That means they hold so much potential as a travel idea for your anniversary. See where the lights are appearing over the next few weeks to choose from destinations like Alaska, Norway or Sweden.

While it’s daylight during your trip, you could spend time visiting local restaurants, touring historic venues or adventuring by booking experiences like a sled dog ride. It depends on where you go with your favorite person.

The entire city of Jackson Hole stretches over a canyon. Trees and snowy mountains surround most of the city.

6. Ski Together in Jackson Hole

There’s nothing better than sharing an adrenaline rush with the love of your life. Head over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to ski together down breathtaking slopes. You’ll fly across fresh snow on gorgeous mountainside trails before exploring the city together. There’s no shortage of square dancing events and festivals around Jackson Hole.

If you visit during ski season, you’re guaranteed to find the area bustling with activities every night. See if any hotels or bed and breakfasts are available around your anniversary. Even if you visit after your big day due to the ski season’s limited timing, your vacation will be worth every second of waiting.

Four people walk over an old stone bridge to an equally ancient stone castle. The castle sits on a river surrounded by bright green hills underneath a cloud-covered sky.

7. Rent a Scottish Castle

Scotland is a romantic destination even if you haven’t seen “Outlander.” The grassy moors and ancient architecture dazzle couples looking for a new experience. See what you and your partner might love to do around the area, like seeing Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. See if you can spot puffins on a hike or tour haunted city streets before enjoying a dram of whiskey.

The country is also full of castles that are available for vacation rentals. You’ll literally feel like royalty while lounging in a sprawling bedroom complete with a stone fireplace. You might even have such a fun experience that you end up exploring castles in the U.S. if you ever have a babymoon.

An empty sauna awaits guests. It has neutral grey wood benches and the outline of Australia made out of cork.

8. Treat Yourself to a Wellness Spa

Adults-only wellness spa resorts are all over the world. Book one with your partner to rejuvenate and reset during your upcoming anniversary. Resort spas often feature on-site restaurants, pools and events for guests when they’re not getting massages or exclusive spa treatments. Whether you go to the Poconos or Costa Rica, you’ll never regret a moment at venues dedicated to all-inclusive spa services.

A downtown street in Charleston features multi-colored pastel buildings. A horse-drawn carriage enters one lane in the road while cars are parked on the other side. People walk down the sidewalk against the buildings.

9. Sunbathe Along a Charleston Beach

Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the leading destinations for romantic and wedding-related vacations in the U.S. People visit to see the pastel buildings along the downtown area, the extensive beaches and experience horse-drawn carriage rides around town. Take a cooking class with your partner, enjoy a massage, visit historic venues or stay in the quaint bed and breakfast venues to experience all Charleston has to offer.

A red train rides around a curving track. Snow capped mountains and dense forests line the background.

10. Ride the Orient Express

Anyone who loves feeling like they’re stepping back in time will enjoy a romantic anniversary trip aboard the Orient Express. The train takes passengers on multi-day excursions through Prague, Amsterdam and Vienna. There’s room to sleep, lounge, eat and watch the gorgeous scenery amidst the train’s art deco interior design.

Traveling by train in Europe is actually faster than 68 of the 297 airline routes flying between the same cities as the biggest train stations. You won’t sacrifice any time during your trip just by opting for a train ride over a flight.

A couple sits on a rock overlooking a small lake. Mountains and dense forests line the background under a cloudy sky.

Get Inspired by Romantic Travel Ideas

Anyone can use these travel ideas for their anniversary celebrations. Create new kinds of memories in the most beautiful locations with your partner this year. You’ll have an incredible experience no matter where you go.

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