• 09/03/2022

How to Choose a Beach Wedding Dress


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There’s a reason the beach is a classic place to get married. You can say your vows with the ocean as your backdrop, and the natural lighting and soft sand make for unforgettable photos. This outdoor venue calls for a unique type of dress. Here’s how to shop for beach wedding dresses.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Beach Wedding Dresses

Before you run to the nearest bridal boutique, take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you mind getting a little sand on your dress?: You might want to look for a style that stays off the ground since you’ll be on the coast.
  • What time of day will you get married?: You should choose a lightweight, breathable fabric if you’re saying your vows in the sunshine so you can stay cool.
  • Which colors fit the theme?: White is a classic choice in Western countries, but other tones also look gorgeous at the beach.
  • What type of dress do you love most?: You should keep this in mind above all else. Your wedding is your special day, after all, and you make the rules!

Deciding on the Length

Some brides-to-be want to keep their beach wedding dresses from dragging on the ground at an outdoor venue. If that’s true for you, a high-low gown would be an excellent choice. They’re short in the front and long in the back, often stopping just before they reach the floor. They also come in long, flowing styles that look magical in the breeze.

Knee-length dresses are perfect since they blend the formal and casual styles that characterize a beach wedding. You can choose an A-line to emphasize a smaller waist and a flared waistline, which flatters any body type.

Full gowns also have their place at a beach wedding. You only get married once, so you can make this as formal and elegant as you like. A layered skirt and long train trailing behind you will turn heads as you walk down the aisle — or isle.

Selecting the Right Fabric

Beaches vary in temperature and humidity depending on location and season. A winter beach wedding in Oregon will feel very different than a summer wedding in Cancún.

With this in mind, you can opt for heavier fabric like wool or velvet if you’re getting married on a cold day. Brocade, made of silk or synthetic fibers, is another great material for a winter gown. Wear layers under your dress to trap the most heat, and choose long sleeves if you like the look. Even sheer sleeves will warm you up a little.

If the forecast for your wedding day is hot and sunny, lace, chiffon and tulle are your best friends. These light, airy fabrics will keep you breezy and cool outdoors. 

Choosing a Color

Your choice of color varies according to where you live, your cultural traditions and your personal preference. In Western countries, women often choose white and pastel pink or lavender tones for a beach wedding. 

In India, brides typically wear a bright red lehenga with elaborate embroidery, and red dresses with flowers are a classic choice for women getting married in China. At a beach wedding in Ghana, brides usually wear elaborately colored dresses with bright zigzag patterns. 

Dress colors and designs are different worldwide. You can take inspiration from the hues of the landscape and decorations at your wedding, and think about the colors of your jewelry and bouquet, as well.

Embrace Your Unique Style

No matter what the traditional rules are about an oceanside ceremony, it’s your party. These style tips for beach wedding dresses are just a general guide, and you should choose something that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and most like yourself.

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