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Meaningful Conversation Starters for Couples Getting Married

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A couple has hundreds of thousands of conversations throughout their relationship. When getting engaged, you might be preparing a point-by-point checklist for what almost seems like a sit-down interview. But sometimes, all you need are meaningful conversation starters for engaged couples.

Getting Meaningful Before the Marriage

People either get super loose or serious when talking with their partner before marriage. However, having a meaningful talk with the love of your life is important. The depth of your conversation should be deep and honest without coming across as prying and self-serving. It’s a discussion where you both learn about each other.

A meaningful exchange should also entail dialogue and questions from both parties. Conversation is great when it comes naturally, feeding themselves to get longer and longer. You and your partner get to share your thoughts equally, listen and keep talking. It’s an excellent pre-marriage exercise for your relationship, too.

Conversation Starters for Engaged Couples

A meaningful conversation always starts with a question. It’s always good to bring up a particular aspect of the future. And while couples already know much of their partner’s past and present, you can still revisit and be curious about some things. 

1. What Are You Most Excited About?

Getting engaged and married will bring about so many possibilities and scenarios. Everyone who’s always dreamed about tying the knot has at least one moment they’re excited about, so it will get you two talking. Aside from how rich the answers will be, it can get you even more giddy about what comes after the wedding.

2. Do You Have Any Wedding Worries?

While it’s a little more on the serious side, your fiancee will definitely have things that they may overthink when it comes to your special day. There’s no better person to have those discussions with than you, their chosen soulmate. 

For instance, some people are in limbo about who will pay for the wedding. Most couples tend to pay 50/50, but it can vary on your dynamic and financial situation. They might also have other wedding planning concerns, such as the venue and the decorations.

3. What Do You Think About Soulmates?

Speaking of soulmates, try to ask them what they think about it. It’s a common question to throw out while you’re dating. However, maybe they have new thoughts about it as you take a new step in your relationship. Revisit the topic and see how they’ll react. Remember to ask follow-up questions and give your opinion on the matter.

4. When Did You Start Thinking About Marriage?

Marriage can always come up in conversation for many serious relationships. Some people don’t see themselves settling down. Meanwhile, others see it as an end goal. But it is rare to know you’re the person your partner wants to marry before they pop the question.

Ask them when they knew you were the one. You can even throw in a light-hearted question about whether they were nervous about the proposal. Share your point of view about the moment you felt ready to tie the knot, too.

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5. What Is Our Relationship’s Priority?

People who date always communicate their intentions, sharing that they’re only looking for fun or something serious. It’s still an important point of discussion when you’re married, as it gets you both on the same page. What do you both want to have or do during your marriage?

Some people have a line of goals, such as having kids and buying a house together. Others may just want to have that marriage status and continue enjoying life as they are. Either way, knowing the priorities you two share can lead to a deeper understanding of one another.

6. What Can We Do Better As Life Partners?

If there’s ever a better time to improve as a partner, it’s before marriage. Try to ask what they think you can work on to show their love better. It can open up a lot of discussion on things they may have been hesitant to bring up.

Asking this question can certainly be a little sensitive, so try to watch your tone of voice. Listen to your partner’s suggestions and explanations rather than shutting them down by disagreeing right away. Avoid being passive-aggressive with your answer, too.

7. What Else Should We Know About Each Other?

Are there any lingering secrets they might have about themselves before you tie the knot? Or do they have some advice and reminders about their character? Asking this question may not seem so special, but it can lead to considerable self-reflection. There’s always more to learn about your significant other, so ask.

8. What Roles Will We Have In Our Relationship?

When you’re getting married, knowing where your partner stands regarding marriage roles is essential. In 1940, only 16.7% of married women worked. That’s because they were mostly in charge of caring for the home while the men provided.

In modern times, there’s more to marriage than the traditional heterosexual family. Both people in such a commitment may also work and split chores at the same time. Know your partner’s thoughts and share your own about it.

9. What Practices Do You Want Us to Do?

You and your partner are distinct individuals from two different families. That likely means that they have their own customs. Maybe they have a Christmas tradition that they still want to continue or they want to discontinue practicing a religion. Let them share their views on those events and show support for their decision.

10. Where Do We Build Our Life Together?

Location can be quite an influential factor in the life of a person and it continues to be a fundamental element for a married couple. Would they want to stay in their hometown? Would you two try living in the city or finding a cozy suburb? Ask their thoughts about where they want to settle down. You can both even research the ideas you’ve put on the table together.

Chat With Your Fiancee

You can learn so much more about your fiancee after a deep talk. A meaningful conversation can make you remember how much you adore them and their thoughts too. Pick a conversation starter above and speak to your partner.

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