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Feeling Stumped? Find the Perfect Present With These Wood Anniversary Gifts

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Anniversary celebrations set aside time for you and your spouse to reflect on your love story. Many couples choose to do that while giving each other themed presents that represent something bigger than themselves. If your fifth year of marriage is coming up, you might wonder why everyone is recommending wood anniversary gifts.

Check out what wood means in gift symbolism to see if it’s something you want to add to your anniversary celebrations this year. You’ll understand what it means and even get inspired by a few beloved gift options.

A white and gold Happy Anniversary banner hangs over outdoor seating. The tables and chairs are surrounded by a white wall, trees, a blue sky and glowing Edison bulbs over the dining area.

The Meaning Behind Wood Anniversary Gifts

Wood anniversary gifts represent the durability of your relationship. Trees can technically grow forever but often last a few decades or centuries. They withstand storms and wildfires by forming new layers that strengthen their trunk. Couples metaphorically do the same thing when they endure tough times and emerge stronger than before.

Why Do Anniversaries Have Themes?

Wedding anniversaries have themes because Emily Post assigned them in her 1922 book, “Etiquette.” In it, she described how her annual themes start with lighthearted gifts for young married couples and gradually become more serious with time.

You don’t have to give your spouse a themed gift according to Post’s advice, but it’s a fun way to get inspired for your partner’s next anniversary present. If you’re unsure where to start, begin with your year’s theme and merge it with your spouse’s interests. You’ll give them something thoughtful and meaningful.

Thoughtful Wood Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse

Check out these beloved wood anniversary gifts that your partner will adore. They’re clever, affordable and stick with the theme. You won’t have to look far to get your spouse something that makes them smile.

1. Wooden Ring Dish

A dark wooden ring dish with 5 Years holds one silver wedding band against a white background.

When you’re not polishing your wedding rings with Windex, they need a safe place to stay. Give your partner a ring dish made with wood to do just that. The dish even features the number or months, days and weeks since you got married. It’s a cute way to acknowledge all the time you’ve enjoyed together and remember there’s much more to come.

$29.99 from Amazon

2. Wooden Date Night Token Box

A light wooden box labeled Happy 5th Anniversary Date Night Activities is propped up and slightly open. Date night tokens lay around it.

It’s hard to figure out what to do for date night when you feel like you’ve done everything already with your partner. Make the process easier by getting your spouse this date night box. They can select one of the tokens while closing their eyes to choose how you spend your next free afternoon together. They might even suggest some ideas you’ve never considered before, like renting bikes and riding down a local trail.

$14.99 from Amazon

3. Sunglasses With a Wooden Frame

A pair of sunglasses have a dark wooden frame and a dark tint.

If your partner doesn’t go anywhere without their sunglasses, this pair of wooden sunglasses could be the perfect gift for your upcoming anniversary. It incorporates the theme with wooden frames that look sleek and stylish.

These sunglasses even fit in a toiletry bag when you’re leaving for the beach or a lakeside vacation. Your spouse can wear them while they enjoy their favorite summer hobbies at home too.

$29.99 from Amazon

4. Wooden Dinner Date Dice

A wooden dice sits with numerous faces. Each face has different types of cuisine like Chinese, sushi, pizza, burgers, seafood, cake, etc.

Partners who adore board games or Dungeons and Dragons will get a kick out of this wooden date dice. Each of its faces features a different type of cuisine. Your spouse can roll it before your next date night when neither of you can decide what you want to eat. It can even inspire couples to make new recipes at home, depending on where you want to dine.

$7.99 from Amazon

5. Luxury Charcuterie Board Set

A fancy charcuterie board with multiple levels and a hidden cheese knife drawer is ready for dining, covered in crackers, fruit and cheese. A bottle of red wine is in the background. One wine glass is full and the other isn't. The box that the charcuterie board comes in is standing in the background.

Charcuterie is one of the most popular ways to eat for a reason. You can customize it to your food preferences and make your dinner fancy with a nice board. This luxury charcuterie board will make you and your spouse feel like you’re lounging on a picnic blanket across from the Eiffel Tower.

Cover the curved edges with various crackers and the middle section with cheese and veggies. The internal drawer contains all the cheese knives and labels you’ll need to complete your meal. All you need to do is pair your food with a nice beverage.

$37.99 from Amazon

6. Wooden Wallet With Clip

A dark wooden wallet holds multiple credit cards. It has a black clip attached to the back.

People don’t really think about replacing their wallets. It’s something that slips the mind, so you’ll surprise your spouse with this wooden wallet. It has fine wood grain in a dark stain that makes it look extra classy. The attached clip makes it possible to wear it clipped to a pocket or purse, depending on what your partner prefers.

$49.99 from Amazon

7. Wooden Foot Massager

A TheraFlow wooden foot massager sits against a white background with its box and directional sheet behind it. It has rolling pegs that go under each food to massage the feet.

Anyone who works on their feet knows how lovely it is to get a foot massage after a long day. Treat the love of your life to instantaneous stress relief with this wooden foot massager. They only have to move their feet up and down while applying pressure to reduce their discomfort. Your spouse will love it while they watch a movie with you, play a video game or work from their desk at home.

$16.99 from Amazon

8. Bourbon Glasses Made With Wood

Two small cherry wooden glasses sit on top of each other. The box they come in is behind them.

The taste of bourbon is only half the experience. What you use to sip your bourbon also completes your tasting. Anyone can grab a fancy class from a cabinet, but your spouse deserves something extra special. These wooden bourbon classes are just the right size and complement the sweet notes of any bourbon with the aroma of beechwood.

If you treat your spouse to this gift, ensure these glasses don’t go in the dishwasher. Wooden dishware always requires hand washing. The higher temperatures and water pressure in your dishwasher will warp the material and cause cracking or molding otherwise.

$44.95 from Amazon

Celebrate Your Marriage With This Fun Tradition

Have fun browsing potential wood anniversary gifts before your big day arrives. No matter what you choose, your spouse will love the symbolism behind the enduring material at the heart of your present. Find something that helps them find more joy in their daily life and you’ll get your spouse a gift they’ll never forget.

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