• 02/21/2023

Selenite Charging Plate: Properties and Uses


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Selenite is a gorgeous crystal that has myriad uses to cleanse and charge your jewelry and other crystals. It can also increase your focus and reject negative energy with its protective properties. Let’s explore some other ways a selenite charging plate can help you manifest and keep your crystals in optimal balance. 

What Is Selenite? 

Selenite is a crystal that has deep cleansing properties, so it can cleanse itself as well as other crystals. A selenite charging plate has many uses and benefits for your crystals and for you. It can shield you from negative energy, rejuvenate your mental clarity and boost manifestations. 

Selenite can also amplify the energy in your crystals and provide positive energy by restoring crystals to their original state. You can use a selenite charging plate, crystal bowl or tower to reap the benefits of this magical crystal. 

How To Use a Selenite Charging Plate 

When you frequently use your crystals, you are exposing them to elements that can block their benefits. Crystals can become blocked because they absorb the energy around them. Here are some ways you can restore your crystals with a selenite charging plate. 

Cleanse Your Crystals 

Cleaning your crystals can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. A selenite charging plate can clean them for you. You must set your crystals or jewelry on your charging plate and leave them overnight. Other crystals house cleansing properties, but selenite is different since it can cleanse itself.

Selenite automatically begins cleansing when it comes in contact with other crystals, but a full day can ensure that all of the negative energy is expelled from them. Ensure that you clean new crystals to remove any unwanted energy before you begin using them. 

Charge Your Crystals

Selenite can also charge your crystals. Cleansing and charaging are used interchangeably when discussing crystals, but they are not the same thing. Cleansing your crystals removes negative energy from them while charging them restores the energy crystals need. 

Charging also amplifies the vibration and powerful properties of the crystals. Selenite charging plates can charge your crystals and bring them back to their full potential for continued use. You can also charge your crystals with direct sunlight or leave them in the moonlight overnight. 

Selenite Uses and Benefits

Selenite crystals can revitalize your space with their healing properties. There are many health benefits that selenite can provide to its user. Selenite has a high frequency of vibration that can elevate positive vibes and clean your surroundings. It can foster calmness and give you a sense of peace. 

Selenite can help you gain access to your intuition to reveal what you want and help you manifest your desires. It can clear energy that is blocked and encourage connection and unify your spirit and your physical self. A selenite charging plate can provide all of these benefits or you can choose to wear a selenite crystal, meditate while holding one or place it over your chakras for realignment and balance. 

Selenite Charging Plate Properties

Selenite can remove stagnant energy from your crystals and restore them from the negativity they absorb. With its many other benefits, selenite is a must-have for any crystal collector or avid user. To clear your body, mind, space or other crystals, selenite could be the answer you’ve been searching for. 

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