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10 Homemade Perfume Recipes Using Fragrance Oils

10 Homemade Perfume Recipes Using Fragrance Oils

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No one should walk through a department store with a raging headache to find their signature scent. Essential oils can make you smell incredible without the expensive price tags or chemical ingredients. Use this guide to learn about 10 homemade perfume recipes using fragrance oils that you might already have at home. Mix a few scents and you’ll have all the perfume you need for dates, workplace events and more.

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1. Heavenly Citrus Bliss

Citrus scents have a powerful effect on your mental and physical health. Even when diluted in a neutral oil like jojoba, citrus can relieve digestion and nausea while relieving your mind of any lingering anxiety.

Mix these oils and spritz a tiny bit on your wrists to benefit from the scent all day long:

  • Six drops of vanilla in jojoba
  • Three drops of lemon
  • Four drops of lime

2. Enticing Jasmine Vanilla

Vanilla reminds people of coming home to freshly baked desserts. It’s warm and welcoming, especially when mixed with the enticing aroma of jasmine oil. A citrus base balances this homemade perfume recipe by using two extra fragrance oils.

Combine these ingredients for an all-natural scent that’s perfect for first dates:

  • Three drops of vanilla in jojoba
  • Three drops of jasmine
  • Three drops of lime
  • Six drops of sweet orange

3. Romantic Lavender Spritz

Creating a signature lavender scent gives you control over what interacts with your body. Clean beauty avoids parabens and phthalates that you’d find in classic perfumes. Instead, find these oils and mix them so you can thrive in all of your romantic lavender glory:

  • Five drops of vanilla in jojoba
  • Three drops of ylang ylang
  • Five drops lavender

4. Relaxing Lemon Rosemary

Between relaxing on the beach and going out for dinner, you might want a homemade perfume that helps you freshen up for your date. Swirl these oils in a spritzer bottle to dabble with a relaxing lemon rosemary scent that gives your aroma a subtle boost:

  • Three drops of neroli
  • Six drops of lemon
  • Four drops of rosemary

5. Romantic Rosy Glow

There are many ways to give your skin a rosy glow, like applying toner before doing your makeup. Your personal scent can also glow, thanks to this simple rose-based perfume. Finish the mixture with a few drops of bergamot for a well-rounded, lovely scent that’s just a bit heady:

  • Five drops of sandalwood in jojoba
  • Three drops of rose absolute
  • Six drops of bergamot

6. Natural Patchouli and Cedarwood

Earthy perfumes are great for personalizing because it’s an all-encompassing term. This perfume recipe combines woodsy and smoky aromas for the perfect natural scent to compliment outdoor events or dinner dates.

See how the mixture meets your perfume goals by swirling these oils together in an empty bottle: 

  • Four drops of patchouli
  • Five drops of cedarwood
  • Four drops of palmarosa
  • Two drops of vetiver
  • Two drops neroli

7. Something Sweet and Spicy

Spicy scents like clove oil are easily overpowering, but this perfume mixture has the ultimate balance of spicy and sweet. The rich aroma of ylang ylang pairs with the floral notes in lavender oil before rounding out with the musky, earthy scent of patchouli.

Try it out for yourself to fall in love with your next favorite fragrance:

  • Three drops of ylang ylang
  • Six drops of lavender
  • Four drops of patchouli

8. Beachy Palmarosa and Neroli

You’ll want to check out this beachy perfume that combines palmarosa and neroli oils for the ultimate personal scent. It’s exactly what you need if you’re going to plan an elopement outfit for a seaside ceremony before jetting off to your honeymoon. It will also remind you of your favorite oceanfront getaways if you can’t get away from home:

  • Four drops of palmarosa
  • Four drops of patchouli
  • Four drops of cedarwood
  • Two drops of vetiver
  • Two drops of neroli

9. Enchanting Orange Frankincense

Anyone who’s dreaming of sandalwood smokiness with a citrus twist will love this enchanting orange frankincense blend. You won’t be able to get enough of this aroma that captivates the senses before wrapping you in a floral jasmine embrace:

  • Five drops of jasmine absolute in jojoba
  • Four drops of sweet orange
  • Four drops of frankincense

10. Flirty and Floral

Depending on where you live, people may prefer some scents over others, but it’s always safe to go with something flirty and floral. You won’t be able to go back to traditional perfumes after spritzing this mix of clary sage, lavender and bergamot on your wrists and neck before your next night out on the town:

  • Three drops of vanilla in jojoba
  • Four drops of lavender
  • Three drops of clary sage
  • Four drops of bergamot
  • Two drops of ylang ylang

Enjoy Homemade Perfume Recipes Using Fragrance Oils

There are so many homemade perfume recipes using fragrance oils, so start experimenting with your favorite aromas today. You may find that a citrus scent is more your style or an earthy undertone that pulls a recipe together. Have fun trying new oils to find a unique alternative to chemical-based scents.

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