• 05/10/2021

How to Apply Toner and Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

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Your daily routine includes drinking water and getting rest, but it should also cater to your skin. Skin requires special attention so it can stay healthy and look great. Many people feel confused when they walk down the beauty aisle at the store and see an array of products. This guide explains how to apply toner and why it’s the only thing you need to upgrade your beauty routine.

What Is Toner?

Bottles of toner might not catch your eye because they resemble water. They don’t have the same flashy colors as lipstick or eyeshadow, so people often forget to use it every day. Toner is a crucial step in taking care of your skin because it completes what your cleanser can’t finish.

Washing your face cleans your pore of impurities and oil. It can reach deep into the top layer of your skin, but it won’t get everything. After patting your skin dry, apply toner to remove dead cells and toxins.

Beta hydroxy acid is the main ingredient in many toners. It’s the powerful component that lifts and eliminates dead cells that make your skin appear dull.

If you’re still not sure why you can’t just finish your routine with face wash, imagine cleaning your floor. Sweeping it would remove bits of leaves and grass that your shoes carried inside, but finishing the job with a mop also gets rid of bacteria that your broom can’t pick up. Toner is the deep-cleaning component for your pores that finishes what your face wash starts.

Are There Different Types of Toners?

People need different things from their beauty routine, so there are three types of toners to meet those needs. Read about the differences to figure out which might be best for you.


Tonic toners are very powerful. They have a high concentration of active ingredients to pack the most punch. People may lean towards tonic toners if they need fast results or have stubborn skin issues.

Bracers and Fresheners

Freshener and bracer tonics are much easier on the skin. They cleanse pores and leave a pleasant aroma behind, primarily due to essential oils and natural extracts.

If you try these tonics, experience puffy eyes and try quick home remedies with no results, the fragrance may be a mild allergen that isn’t right for your skin.


Astringent toners are the strongest variety because they use the most alcohol to purify pores. They’ll strip away oil and impurities much more deeply than face wash could do on its own.

When Should You Use Toner?

If you want to adjust your beauty routine, you might wonder when you should use toner. Some products work better in the morning and others need all night to sit on your skin without makeup or harsh sunlight.

Anyone can use toner after washing their face. Experiment with different types to find one that’s gentle on your skin. You can use it every morning and night, as long as it doesn’t leave behind redness or peeling.

How to Apply Toner

There are a few ways to apply toner and get results. Some people prefer to sprinkle toner across their palms or fingers and pat it across their face. If you try this method, wash your hands first to avoid accidentally wiping dirt or bacteria into your clean pores.

You can also apply toner by dabbing it onto a cotton pad or ball. The material will pick up anything leftover on your skin, which is the main benefit of this application compared to using your hands.

Who Should Use Toner?

You may have struggled with beauty products in the past. Should you use toner? Read about how it affects different skin types to learn what you might expect during your first use.

People With Oily Skin

Toner is perfect for people with mild to extremely oily skin. It will absorb anything leftover from your face wash so you can gently wipe it all away. You might even try dabbing your face with a damp washcloth for an extra deep clean before or after your day.

People With Dry Skin

Gentle toners are the best version for people with dry skin. The low or no alcohol content and minimal use of beta hydroxy acid won’t bother surfaces prone to inflammation or irritation.

People With Acne-Prone Skin

Anyone with acne-prone skin knows that you have to find products designed for constant breakouts. When you’re not busy making homemade face masks to prevent acne from coming back, use toner to settle and heal your skin.

People With Sensitive Skin

Even though branching out to new beauty solutions isn’t always easy for people with sensitive skin, toners are safe to try. Look for products with gentle ingredients and hydrating additives, like aloe. You can also learn about common triggering culprits to better identify which toners are the safest for daily use.

Learn How to Apply Toner

Upgrading your beauty routine by learning how to apply toner is easy. Find a product that’s suited for your skin type, try it out and attempt to use it every time you need to wash your face. You’ll see a bright transformation and wonder why you waited so long to add toner to your daily life.

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