• 03/13/2023

What Is an Egg Cleanse Ritual? How to Release Negative Energy

An egg sitting in a bowl.

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Life is much more challenging when negative energy invades your personal space. Try an egg cleanse ritual if you don’t know where it’s coming from but want it gone. The historical practice has helped people for centuries and is easy to do at home.

What Is an Egg Cleanse Ritual?

Egg cleanses are rituals performed to release negative energy from your life. People perform egg cleanses to gain clarity and peace of mind when struggling with bad luck or negativity in relationships.

Egg cleanses originated in ancient Greece, but they are also believed to have been practiced in Scotland. The practice was often used as a form of divination. People would use eggs to predict the gender of unborn babies, learn about their future spouses or detect evil spirits.

In modern ages, egg rituals have shifted to energy cleansing, to release negative energy from ones’ life.

How to Perform This Cleanse

You can try an egg cleanse ritual at home by following these steps. All the supplies are likely already in your kitchen, but you can get everything at your local grocery store if you need to restock.

1. Wash the Egg in Salt Water

First, fill a bowl with warm water and mix a splash of salt into it. The salt water will be the cleansing part of your ceremony.

Next, get an egg from your fridge. Before starting your ritual, you should rinse it in your sink. Egg shells could carry the salmonella bacteria if they touched chicken droppings. You can rinse the surface and wash it with soap before proceeding with your ceremony.

After removing your egg from its carton in your fridge and washing it off, lay it in the salt water bowl. You should rub it with the salt water for up to a minute to purify its energies.

2. Set Your Intentions

Center yourself by reducing your amygdala’s activity with slower, calmer thoughts. Set your ritual intentions when your stream of consciousness is comfortable and anxiety-free. Focus on directing any negative energy clinging to you into the egg. It should draw them from your mind so you can dwell in positivity.

3. Add the Egg to Room Temperature Water

When you intuitively feel free of negativity, fill a glass halfway with room-temperature water. You’ll crack your egg open into the water and let it settle for at least five minutes. The goal is to keep the yolk in one piece.

While the egg warms to your home’s temperature, consider amplifying your positive energy with selenite crystals. You could place them around your cleansing space to further enhance the spiritual properties of your ritual.

4. Read the Egg Shape

After five minutes pass, look through the side of the glass to see the yolk’s shape. Note the color of the whites against the water and the water’s clarity as well.

If the egg has a foul odor, it could indicate that the negative energy successfully left your presence. This doesn’t have to happen, but it’s a good sign.

You might also see some strings in the egg whites. That could mean the negativity comes from connections with other people in your life.

If the yolk cracked, you must start the ritual with a new egg. The yolk contains your negative energy, so a broken yolk won’t work.

Potential Egg Cleanse Benefits

You’ve performed your egg cleanse ritual and read the results as best you can. Other than the reading, you’ll likely enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Peace of mind
  • A lack of notable negative energy
  • Clarity on your next steps

You might better understand that you need to address issues in a relationship by defining the problem and setting up a time to talk. The ritual could also help you pinpoint what caused the negative energy because identifying triggers is easier when they aren’t actively affecting you.

When you’re ready to move forward with your life, wash the egg and its negative energy down your kitchen sink. Run the water to purify your home of any foul odors or energies and wash your hands to protect yourself from potential bacteria.

Try an Egg Cleanse Ritual This Week

Now that you know what an egg cleanse ritual is, consider trying it when you feel surrounded by too much negative energy. It could become a helpful spiritual practice that guides you when you feel stuck in a bad place.

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