• 02/24/2023

What Centering Meditation Can Do For Your Mind and Body


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Meditation is a beautiful practice that can teach people about themselves and how to maintain their inner peace. It can be a routine keeping them on track or a much-needed buoy in a rainstorm of chaos and self-doubt. Utilizing centering meditation can provide myriad benefits — both mental and physical.

How does it do this? What kinds of positive additions can it contribute to a person’s life? Here is a look at how centering meditation can help the mind and body feel connected, healthy, and in control when people most need it.

Mental Benefits of Meditating

Routine meditation practice can help the mind through whatever’s going on in people’s lives. In fact, it can do a lot for anyone’s mental state and assist in managing the problems they experience. Researchers have found evidence centering meditation can improve focus, self-esteem, and compassion. In addition, it can reduce stress along with the effects of depression, anxiety, and addiction.

It assists in these areas by easing an overthinking brain — crystals can help improve this effect when people use them while meditating. By noting anxious thoughts and letting them go, practicers can feel that negativity has less control over themselves, which puts them more in control. Doing so can assist people in many physical ways, which carry over to mental well-being. Humans often feel better mentally when their bodies aren’t in pain.

One older study actually found consistent practice can reduce the amygdala’s response to emotional situations. This part of the brain is responsible for emotional processing and assessing danger. When people meditated for just eight weeks, the researchers saw lower amygdala activation in response to distressing images. For those prone to stress or negative moods, meditating could help them with those struggles.

Physical Benefits of Centering Meditation

Many likely knew before that meditation can help de-stress and feel more emotionally regulated. But how many knew it could also come with physical health improvements? Increased stress can affect the body in a lot of ways, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep problems
  • Digestion issues
  • Heart disease

Having elevated anxiety levels for a long period of time can be quite harmful to physical well-being. For those who already have digestive or sleep troubles, being stressed about them can actually exacerbate the effects.

This is where centering mediation comes in to help. As was already discussed, keeping a practice routine for just a few weeks can assist a person’s mental state quite a bit. Once the brain starts to improve its regulation, it’s likely the body will begin to follow suit. The time it takes will naturally depend on the person, but with consistency, a new practicer could start to see some physical progress as well.

Of the noted benefits of centering meditation, some notable ones include relieving physical symptoms of illnesses. Medical professionals have found this practice to lower heart rate, help people sleep better, and improve blood pressure. While it can’t replace medication for these problems, research shows it could help someone cope with chronic pain, heart problems, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), insomnia, and mental illnesses.

Experience What Centering Meditation Can Do for You

Those who are now interested in starting up a centering meditation practice can look around on video-sharing sites and try out a guided session when they have a moment. They’ll likely feel even a little bit better even if some of the more significant effects may not stand out right away. Help the body and mind feel calm and united by practicing centering meditation.

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