• 08/01/2020

What Is Honey Calcite? Here’s What You Need to Know

What Is Honey Calcite

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Crystals help many people find their center, embrace more joy and cleanse themselves of negativity. Adding new varieties to your collection can help you manage during difficult times, but not if you’re wondering how potential crystals are good for your lifestyle. This guide explains everything you need to know about honey calcite to take control of your spiritual well-being.

An orange honey calcite crystal.

What Is Honey Calcite?

Calcite is a calcium carbonate that people can find in metamorphic deposits, hydrothermal veins and igneous rocks. It’s a widespread mineral because it can form all over the world.

Honey calcite is one of the carbonate’s varieties. It ranges in honey yellow to orange hues and forms a hexagonal lattice in each internal layer. It can also come in various sizes, which is a significant benefit for anyone who wants to use it in their home or on the go.

What Does It Represent?

Honey colors are naturally warm and inviting, so honey calcite represents positivity. It can be a physical embodiment of a person’s chakras or a channel for various energies in a room. It may also represent the personal change you want for yourself and become a form of encouragement while you strive towards your goals.

What Are Honey Calcite’s Properties?

There are a few types of properties for any mineral, especially honey calcite crystals. See if they connect with what you need for your life before adding it to your crystal collection.

Physical Properties

Calcite has a few remarkable physical properties for anyone interested in the groundwork of crystal formation. It’s readily available in most natural environments and has a distinct lattice when cut from the earth. Holding it against a light also creates double refraction rays that redirect the light into two alternate directions.

Metaphysical Properties

People who use crystals often note that honey calcite helps them during times of stress. When added to other crystals that reduce anxiety, honey calcite recharges each mineral’s ability to amplify positive energy. 

When you don’t have to deal with as much stress, your mind will be more at ease. That’s why many people also use honey calcite to help them defeat insomnia and get a healthy sleep pattern started.

The most beneficial metaphysical property of this calcite is its ability to keep you spiritually grounded. You’ll have more positive energy to chase your goals, conquer your fears and get whatever you want out of life.

Are There Calcite Varieties?

Calcite can form a variety of colors, so there are numerous types to browse while considering new crystals for your collection. Honey calcite is the first variety many people consider. The eye-catching golden hue is stunning and the metaphysical benefits of less stress and more positivity are things everyone could use.

Blue calcite looks just like its name and clears the way for better communication in relationships. It may also quiet your mind before a meditation session, which stops negative thoughts in their tracks so your meditation is more successful.

Red calcite may dissolve energy blockages when you feel stuck, while orange calcite soothes ongoing fears. Consider green calcite if something’s holding you back from personal growth since it may dissolve a negative mindset that you haven’t yet recognized.

How Can You Use Honey Calcite?

There are a few ways to use honey calcite if you want to add it to your daily routine. Check out these popular uses to see if they’re suitable for your needs or lifestyle.

Hold It While You Meditate

You can achieve high mental planes by placing honey calcite around you during a meditation session. As it grounds your energies in your physical body, your mind will achieve more alertness because nothing weighs it down.

Position It Around Your Bathtub

Baths are already great because they burn extra calories and relax muscle tension, but they can become even more enjoyable with honey calcite. Position each crystal around your bathtub while it fills with water. The water will amplify the additional energy so your bath is more restorative than ever before.

Place It in Negative Environments

Honey calcite’s most extraordinary power is redirecting negative energy to create a positive space. Bring the crystal wherever you feel most stressed. It could be a great addition to your desk at work. Zip it into your backpack and carry it to each class. You’ll feel more confident in your positive future because the crystal keeps negative energy from building.

Expand Your Crystal Collection

Honey calcite is an excellent crystal for anyone’s collection. Everyone can use a little more positivity in their lives and a boost in furthering their personal development. Bring it anywhere you need more positive energy to start changing your life for the better.

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