• 05/07/2021

8 Uses for Ashwagandha Powder


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If you follow health news, you have probably heard a little bit about ashwagandha powder. What is this herb, and why are so many people talking about it? 

Ashwagandha can benefit your health in multiple ways. This adaptogenic herb helps other substances work better and has impressive perks of its own. Here are eight uses for ashwagandha power and tips for how to incorporate it into your lifestyle. 

1. Lower Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Millions of Americans live with diabetes or prediabetes. This condition significantly increases your chances of heart and kidney disease and stroke. 

Ashwagandha powder may help you control your blood sugar levels, potentially preventing Type 2 diabetes. One test-tube study published by the National Institutes of Health indicates it increased insulin secretion and improved sensitivity within muscle cells. 

However, if you have the Type 1 form of the disease, check with your doctor before using this herb. It could interfere with other medications and requires you to carefully monitor your blood sugar. 

2. Decrease Your Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a pesky stress hormone that you might have in droves if you have a lot of pressure in your life. Unfortunately, it can have a host of unpleasant health effects, one of which is padding your waistline. This hormone prepares your body for prolonged fight-or-flight, prompting you to eat more foods high in fat, sugar and calories.

Ashwagandha can help you decrease your levels of this stress hormone. Once you tame the underlying cause of your cravings, you might find it easier to drop the unwanted pounds. You’ll also feel more relaxed. 

3. Boost Your Testosterone Levels 

Are you and your partner trying to get pregnant? Ashwagandha powder can potentially make it easier to conceive by treating infertility by boosting testosterone levels. 

One study of 75 infertile men indicated that those who took ashwagandha instead of a placebo had increased sperm count and motility. They also showed elevated levels of testosterone, which prompts them to participate in baby-making activities. 

4. Cool Inflammation 

If you have an inflammatory condition like rheumatoid arthritis, you probably noticed that your flares increase in severity when you are under stress. Adding a bit of ashwagandha to your morning tea could give your body the wherewithal to overcome daily ups and downs. 

However, as with those with Type 1 diabetes, you should check with your doctor first. This herb may interfere with some of the medications you use to treat your condition. 

5. Improve Your Cholesterol Numbers 

If you have high LDL or “bad” cholesterol, you face an increased heart attack and stroke risk. Supplementing with ashwagandha powder could help to improve your numbers. 

According to a study on rats published by the National Library of Medicine, this herb resulted in a roughly 50% improvement in cholesterol numbers. Triglyceride levels likewise improved. 

6. Ease Mild Depression 

Many researchers believe that excess stress can lead to depression in some people. If you have experienced symptoms such as an inability to concentrate, feel sad or worthless and have no energy, try adding ashwagandha powder to your morning coffee or tea or tossing a scoop in a smoothie. 

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which means it helps your body withstand the effects of stress. These include physical stressors such as pollution and emotional ones, like overbearing bosses. 

7. Think More Clearly 

Ashwagandha powder may help you combat some of the brain fog that often accompanies chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. It can also help prevent the oxidative stress that so often plays a role in lesion formation in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Some people do find the flavor of ashwagandha powder to be bitter and off-putting. However, when you blend it into matcha or bake it into a protein ball, you won’t notice the flavor. 

8. Build Stronger Muscles 

Finally, ashwagandha powder may help you build stronger muscles. If you are looking for that little extra push to power your gym workouts, try adding some of this substance to your pre-workout smoothie routine. 

In one study, men who used ashwagandha powder had significantly greater gains than those in the placebo group. They also more than doubled their body fat loss. 

Improve Your Health With These 8 Uses for Ashwagandha Powder 

You can incorporate ashwagandha powder into your life by blending it into your morning coffee or tea. You can also swirl it into a smoothie or add it to recipes like protein balls. 

This Asian herb offers a host of health benefits. Take advantage of the eight uses for ashwagandha powder above and improve your overall well-being. 

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