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Birth Chart Compatibility for Different Relationships

Birth Chart Compatibility for Different Relationships

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Everyone wants to learn more about themselves. Some people take on new hobbies and others look to the stars for answers. Astrological readings can reveal who you are and how you’ll click with other people. Learning about birth chart compatibility for different relationships might save you from heartbreak and lead to the most fulfilling friendships you’ll ever make.

This guide will answer the most common questions about their star sign mixing with other people. The answers could guide you to new people or shine a light on unhealthy relationships while they’re still beginning.

What Is Birth Chart Compatibility?

If you don’t spend your free time reading your horoscope or looking up phases of the moon, you may have never heard of a birth chart. It translates the planets and stars based on where they were at the moment of your birth and links those positions to your personality.

Early in human history, Babylonians created the 12 zodiac houses and connected them with existing mythology. Since then, people refined and shaped those houses and signs into modern-day astrology. 

Birth chart compatibility is when you learn about your chart and compare it with someone in your life. It can apply to any type of relationship and reveal the mysteries of the universe, as long as you know specific details regarding a person’s birth, such as the:

  • Date
  • City and state
  • Hour and minute of arrival

Charts become more accurate if you have the exact details required to fill them out. Consult your birth certificate or a family member if you need help getting more information.

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What Are Your Astrological Signs?

You’ll likely recognize a few of the signs from flipping through magazines or websites — Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Your sign corresponds with the day you were born.

The signs reveal much about your personality and form the base of your birth chart. If you were born between September 23 and October 22, you’re a libra. People with your star sign share traits like valuing harmony above all else, dreaming big and falling in love easily. While you might not identify with every part of your sign, they’re comprehensive and a crucial part of your birth chart. 

Paying attention to your astrological sign could give you immediate solutions to recurring problems. You’ll find likely ways to defeat nightly stress dreams by engaging with recommended anxiety-relief techniques. You could also learn if you’re experiencing burnout at work because your star sign is more prone to anxiety. Consider each sign trait and compare it with your personality to find new avenues to explore.

What Is Your Relationship?

After you know the star signs for yourself and the person you have in mind, consider your relationship. Do you want to become romantic partners or are you already in a relationship? You might want to become friends with someone or wonder if a friendship is possible. These are two ways to understand how your charts interact.

Compare Romantic Compatibility

Falling in love is part of life, but you don’t have to walk into heartbreak without warning. Find your potential partner’s birth chart and see how your signs tend to jive. You can always look for guidance through palm reading, but you’ll get a more profound read through the stars.

Look for places on each chart where your personalities overlap. Relationships need harmony to thrive. Connect common goals or character traits that are your key motivators.

Birth charts also link romantic partners through ideological agreeability, but that isn’t always a red flag if they don’t align. Many people share intense chemistry and deep love even if they disagree about things.

Take what you learn from the birth charts and trust your gut when you’re around your partner or potential crush. If you’re drawn to each other, you can use your newfound education to pay attention to personality traits you like or dislike about your partner’s sign. When they come true, it could mean you both have to go your separate ways or work to find love again.

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Compare Platonic Compatibility

Personality attributes in birth charts can also reveal who you’re more likely to be friends with. Read about someone else’s potential for sharing your values, interests or dreams. Having more in common will result in positive results with people like:

  • Friends
  • Roommates
  • Coworkers

If someone else’s birth chart has something you immediately dislike because of past relationships that didn’t work, pay attention to your gut. The chart could prove to be accurate or a jumping-off point for discovering someone’s true character.

Ask Common Astrological Compatibility Questions

While you’re reading about signs and charts, make sure you learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about linking with similar spirits.

Are People With the Same Birth Chart Compatible?

Shared birth charts are compatible, but it’s unlikely that you’ll have identical results with many people. You would have to have been born at the exact same hour, minute and second to not have any difference in yoru charts.

What Determines Astrological Compatibility?

Your sign’s planets and positioning may determine your personality traits and motivators, ultimately making you compatible. The degree to which you align with your sign will influence who you can connect with and who doesn’t fit with your spirit.

What Does It Mean When You Share a Birth Chart?

If you share a birth chart with someone, it means you have the same birthday. You may share similar interests and dislikes, but that isn’t a guarantee that you’ll share chemistry.

Give Each Other Time

Now that you know more about birth chart compatibility for different relationships, use them as guidance for forming relationships. You’ll have a better idea of who you’ll click with and which relationships won’t work. Give yourself time to get to know a person and see if their chart is as accurate as yours.

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