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Palm Reading for Female Palmistry Novices: A Step-by-Step Guide

Palm Reading for Female Palmistry Novices

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Everyone wants to find meaning in life. They want to know what the future holds and how to make sense of the unexpected. Divination practices help with that, especially palm reading. If you’ve ever wanted to get into it, use this step-by-step guide to learn everything you need to know about palm reading for female novices.

What is Palm Reading for Female Novices?

Palm reading is an ancient practice that began with Indian experts who taught people from other countries. The artform caught on in places like China, Egypt and ancient Greece. It found its place in the history books and continues today.

Many people wonder how to do a palm reading for female clients because of an old tradition. Chinese palmistry encourages people to read a female’s left hand if she’s younger than 30. If she’s older than 30, read her right hand.

Step One: Learn the Four Elemental Hand Shapes

Reading a palm opens a person’s character and future. Start by reading which elements present on your client’s hand. They’ll likely connect with the person’s zodiac sign and elaborate on various horoscopes.

There are two ways to do this. You can study the elemental hand shapes, which rely on hand length and width to determine someone’s element. You can also see how the three biggest palm lines appear and match them to an elemental outline.

Once you can match someone to one of the four elements — earth, fire, air and water — they’ll better understand the core of their personality. It may help them identify more accurate hermetic principles that aid self-growth.

Step Two: Memorize the Mounts and Plains

Hands have a natural topography. Some parts of the palm rise like mountains and others are flat. These are the names of each mount and plain, according to their placement.

A person places their hands, palms up, on a table printed with zodiac signs.

Mount of Venus

Start with the mount at the base of the thumb. This mound represents someone’s sensuality and ability to connect emotionally. The Roman goddess of love, desire and fertility guides someone’s love life if this mount is significantly predominant.

Mount of Jupiter

Jupiter was the leader of the Roman gods. He personifies leadership and confidence in the mount at the base of the index finger. Someone who takes pride in supporting team members may have a smaller mount here.

Mount of Saturn

Saturn’s mount is at the bottom of the middle finger. It corresponds with fortitude and wisdom. A larger mount points towards greater integrity and a sense of guidance. If someone needs help divining recurring stress dreams, the mount of Saturn could indicate that they’ll figure things out faster than others.

Mount of Apollo

Apollo was the Roman sun god. His mount sits beneath the ring finger and represents a person’s optimisim and vitality. Larger mounts typically belong to happier people or someone with a bright future in store.

Mount of Mercury

The Romans looked to Mercury for help with commerce, but he also connects with someone’s intelligence in palm reading. The mount of Mercury sits under the pinky finger. If a person has a large mount there, they’re likely resourceful, witty and adaptable.

Mount of Luna

The mount of Luna stands for the Roman goddess of the moon. This part of the palm represents someone’s intuition and imagination. It can also mean that someone’s highly compassionate and empathetic if it’s noticeable.

Plains of Mars

Mars is the Roman god of war and he tends to stay busy in palm reading. He has three plains:

  • Between the thumb and pointer finger
  • Across the middle of the palm
  • Along the outer edge of the hand

Broader plains in these areas belong to brace people who know how to persevere. They may have extreme resilience or a boundless temper, depending on the width of the plains. 

Step Three: Trace the Lines

There are five lines within someone’s palm that all mean something different. Locate and read them with these guides  to see if someone can do things like control their future success or must rely on the universe to change life for them.

The Head Line

A Head line sits between the top and bottom lines of a palm. Long lines mean the person will learn many things, while a wavy line indicates progressive beliefs. Breaks could indicate future breakthroughs or periods of hardship.

The Life Line

People joke that your Life line predicts how long you’ll live, but that’s not the purpose. The line curving around the mount of Venus only speaks to someone’s life journey. Deep lines will have enriching lives and shorter lines represent a life of independence.

The Heart Line

Reading a Heart line is another way to delve into someone’s love life. Long lines indicate longer partnerships, while breaks and forks represent many lovers. If this line begins under the middle finger, it could mean that someone experiences restlessness in relationships and tends to jump ship, even in platonic situations.

The Fate Line

In palm reading, fate is another term for destiny. It’s just to the right of the Life line. Long Fate lines indicate that your future will change due to external circumstances. Shorter lines give the person greater control over their future.

The Sun Line

Apollo also has the Sun line, which is next to the Fate line. This final palm crease reveals if that person will achieve success. That success will be entirely up the person if the Sun line stands by itself. If it crosses over the Fate line, success will happen due to external events.

Step Four: Perform the Reading

There’s no way to perform an accurate palm reading without tying all of these elements together. They each tell different parts of the same story and point people towards their destinies.

Try Palm Reading Today

This palm reading for female novices guide makes it possible to start your readings today. Try it on your own hands or invite a friend over for a session. You’ll face new questions and better understand the layers of someone’s personality because of the trusted divination practice.

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