• 03/15/2021

How the Seven Hermetic Principles Will Improve Your Self-Growth

How the Seven Hermetic Principles Will Improve Your Self-Growth

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Everyone desires self-improvement, but it’s a challenge to make that happen without connecting with the universe. Learning more about life explains the building blocks of humanity. Start your journey by reading about how the seven hermetic principles will improve your self-growth.

You don’t have to pay for expensive classes or retreats to find your inner self and experience greater fulfillment. Hermeticism has helped people grow into themselves since the first and second centuries. Use it to unlock spiritual mysteries that generate authentic happiness.  

1. Mentalism Connects Your Thoughts

Your thoughts hold the most significant sway over your life and energy. If you only think about your failures or lost goals, the negativity traps your personal development. Hermetic followers start honing the power of their minds before moving onto other principles.

Mentalism is the first hermetic principle because it explains how your thoughts transform your personal journey. Everything you think results in steps towards your personal advancement through the power of your mind. Dive into the mental plane by embracing conscious choices and objective thinking.

2. Correspondence Opens Your Mind

Correspondence is the principle that connects planes of existence and the laws of nature. It looks into life’s layers and analyzes how they affect each other. You might use this principle when there’s no apparent explanation for something that happens in your life. The event in question could connect with planes outside of human knowledge, making it easier to accept and learn from what happens.

Struggling to accept a life-altering event or mistake will only stop your growth. Use correspondence to practice accepting things even when you don’t understand them so nothing holds you back from your potential.

3. Vibration Explains Spiritual Energy

The world is always in motion, so embrace it. The principle of vibration reminds people that spirits and energy are part of that motion through different rates of vibration. It all relates to how your thoughts create that energy.

Tune into the movement of your thoughts by learning about your personality and noting how they empower you each day. Thoughts that only spur negativity or self-doubt don’t help your energy. They’ll foster a vibration that’s out of sync with your spirit. Both need to work in harmony to improve your self-growth.

4. Polarity Points Out Opposites

The principle of polarity is a daily reminder that nature is full of opposites. It’s part of how the universe maintains balance. Emotions and feelings flow between their natural opposites, but you can control them with breathing exercises and your willpower. Key into your psyche to utilize your will and better your life by appreciating these natural changes as part of life.

5. Rhythm Comforts During Changing Times

You might experience times of significant change that cause stress. Your job might change or you could start building your dream home and feel intense anxiety. When life gets difficult, don’t blame yourself or expect it to last forever. The hermetic principle of rhythm reminds people that everything has a cycle, like the tides.

Change always happens, so it never stops. You’ll never get stuck in a state of stress because life balances itself out. Check in with yourself during unsustainable emotional times and express greater kindness to your spirit through healing self-care habits until natural balance returns. 

6. Cause and Effect Manifest Harmony

There are multiple planes of causation and they all have unique effects. This fact embodies the principle of cause and effect. Harmony requires an explanation for everything that happens, even if the reason isn’t understandable.

You’ll experience alignment with this principle when you’re not stressed or trudging through your routine. Every choice will feel like an opportunity for creation and action. If you want to be better at your job, you’ll develop specific skills that contribute to your role. Your success then becomes a production of your calculation and manifests harmony during your self-growth journey.

7. Gender Balances Your Personality Traits

Gender has become a topic of international conversation, but it’s always been a key part of Hermeticism. Although gender exists on a spectrum, the ancient principle of gender explains life through a binary system so it’s easier to understand.

Too much of one energy or the other will create personal discomfort or anxious recklessness. Masculine energy drives progress through exploration and assertiveness. Feminine energy protects your passions and nourishes your wellness.

Everyone must balance these energies within themselves regardless of their gender identity. When this plane is a key priority, you’ll use the other principles to their full effect.

Experience the Seven Hermetic Principles

The seven hermetic principles have helped people grow into their true potential for centuries. Practice each of them with clear intent so they become second nature. You’ll use your mind to connect with and understand the universe, leading to more incredible personal achievements and contentment.

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