• 01/17/2024

9 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas That Are Fun and Practical

A basket full of fruit.

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Do you know somebody who just moved to a new house? Maybe you’re looking to welcome new neighbors to the neighborhood. Whoever it is, you’re likely interested in unique housewarming gift ideas they can enjoy.

Moving is stressful — the last thing you want to do is fill a person’s home with needless clutter. Offering something with purpose and functionality is the best way to go. Here are nine ideas you might consider for a practical housewarming gift. 

1. Wooden Serving Board

Wooden serving boards are practical for get-togethers or intimate wine times. However, a destination-shaped board is very appealing if you’re interested in unique housewarming gift ideas for a family member, friend or neighbor.

Welcome someone with a cheese board in the shape of their new state. For example, someone who moved to North Carolina will love a cheeseboard map of the most popular cities and landmarks. 

You can also purchase a serving set with everything they need for beautiful memories in the making. You can find affordable gift baskets online with a serving board, cheese knives, napkins and a homey candle to get them started.

2. Gift Cards to Local Restaurants

Your new neighbors will work up an appetite as they unload heavy boxes and get their house in order. How about dinner on you with various gift cards to local restaurants?

Is there a popular hot spot in town they should try? You can even get them gift cards for Chinese and Italian restaurants, Panera Bread or other chains they can quickly order takeout from.

Restaurant gift cards are an excellent way to introduce somebody to local eateries while supporting small businesses. Most importantly, the recipients won’t have to worry about digging through boxes of cookware to make something to eat themselves. 

3. Money Tree Plant

A plant is always a nice gesture as a housewarming gift. However, everyone has different plant care skills, so you’ll want to choose one that requires little maintenance.

A money tree plant thrives at 65–85° Fahrenheit with occasional watering and direct sunlight. It is also symbolic of prosperity and good fortune — something any homeowner with a mortgage could use more of.

Of course, you could always buy them other easy-to-care-for decorative greenery, such as a spider or aloe plant. Aloe vera helps purify indoor air and contains unique skin care properties in its juice.

Otherwise, a fresh herb-growing kit will look beautiful on their kitchen windowsill and give them something to cook with.

4. Pineapple Fresh Fruit

A fruit basket or platter might not seem like a unique gift, but it is certainly practical. Like restaurant gift cards, fresh fruit makes for a delicious snack while unpacking. 

You can have a gift basket delivery service construct a fruit basket or ask your grocery store’s produce department if they put one together. 

You can make this straightforward gift special by ensuring there’s a fresh pineapple. Pineapples symbolized hospitality and friendship during the 17th century when American colonists began importing them from the Caribbean.

Other accounts say New England sea captains would put pineapples outside their homes to let people know they returned safely. 

5. Freezer Meals

If restaurant vouchers or a fruit basket aren’t in the cards, why not make newcomers dinner yourself? You can whip up freezer-friendly meals to heat up in the oven or stovetop whenever they’re hungry. Ideas could include the following:

  • Chicken pot pie
  • Vegetable chili
  • Corn chowder
  • Baked Ziti
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Lasagna
  • Chicken and wild rice casserole

Of course, you can give them keep whatever casserole dish you use, too. Let’s face it — nothing goes over as well as a homecooked meal. 

6. Customized Garden Stone

A simple garden stone can add a pop of color to someone’s yard and put a smile on their face. For instance, you can purchase a durable cement stepping stone with a fade-resistant painted sunflower for a long-lasting design. 

There are also garden stones with hardware on the back so they can hang it up on a lanai or patio wall. 

Of course, you can also use a service to customize or personalize a garden stone. Do you know the person’s last name who just moved in? Engraving it on a decorative stepping stone is always a nice touch. 

7. New Home Scented Candle

Few things give off those feel-good, welcome-home vibes than a scented candle. For example, Homesick’s New Home candle has pleasant notes of jasmine, cedarwood, lime, sandalwood, oakmoss and musk.

Homesick candles are trendy for the long burn time. You can usually get 80 hours of burning from a single soy-based candle.

Other scents you might look for include citrus, lavender, warm vanilla or herbs. It is amazing how something as simple as scented candles can make you feel right at home. 

8. Toolbox Starter Kit

A toolbox starter kit is one of the most practical and unique housewarming gift ideas for a new renter, college student or first-time homeowner. 

If you are gifting someone you’ve never met, the Prostormer 93-Piece Portable Tool Kit is affordable and contains everything you need for everyday household repairs. The 30 screwdriver bits and eight metric hex keys will meet various requirements when hanging wall art and putting furnishings together.

Of course, if you want to spend more on a loved one, the DEKOPRO home repair toolkit has 198 pieces for every DIY project you can think of. The recipient will hold onto this kit for years thanks to the durable case. 

9. Cleaning Supply Collection

Cleaning supplies don’t sound like the most exciting gift, but they are highly usable for someone moving into a new house. New homeowners can expect ample dust as they unbox and set up their furniture.

Providing a collection of cleaning supplies gives them a jumpstart on buying products and allows them to clean up as they unload. 

You can assemble a cleaning supply gift basket like any other housewarming gift and include eco-friendly items. Just don’t forget to throw in some rags, a duster and a Swiffer to make their lives easier. 

Make a Good Impression With These Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Beautiful friendships are often the result of a memorable and thoughtful housewarming gift. Welcome new neighbors or celebrate friends and family by offering them fun and practicality wrapped up in a bundle.

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