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10 Walk-in Shower Ideas for a Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade

A walk-in shower with a plant and various bottles.

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Looking for some exciting walk-in shower ideas for your bathroom renovation? You can take your shower from drab to fab with a few simple upgrades. 

These 10 design tips and features for every budget will allow you to create a relaxing space to unwind in. 

1. Built-in Bench

Why would anyone want to sit on a shower bench when you can sit comfortably in a soaking tub? For starters, bathtub soaking dropped by 7% in 2020, with only 10% of homeowners adding a bathtub during a bathroom renovation — a 2% drop from the previous year.

Built-in shower benches can enhance the spa-like feel of your bathroom. Imagine how relaxing it would be to take a load off while hot steam washes over your body. They are also convenient for reaching your lower legs when exfoliating and shaving. 

2. Curbless Entry

About 234,000 people over 15 suffered bathroom-related injuries in 2008 — four in five were caused by falls. One place where people trip most often is the shower. Many showers have a “curb” from which you must step over or down. One misstep could cause you to get seriously hurt.

Modern bathroom renovations often include removing the lip for a curbless entry. The shower floor is then leveled with the rest of the bathroom floor for you to walk right in. How do you prevent getting water everywhere? Curbless entry showers are slightly inverted for the water to pool around the drain.

3. Frameless Shower Door

A patterned shower curtain makes a bold statement for your entire bathroom aesthetic. However, you usually need to replace shower curtains every few months due to mold and mildew growth.

A frameless shower door is modern, luxurious and cost-effective when it comes to walk-in shower ideas for your bathroom upgrade. Yes, replacing your shower door with a frameless model costs between $600–$1,700, but when you add up the amount you spend changing your shower curtain every few months, you’ll more than break even.

4. Recessed Niche

Recessed niches are widely popular in luxury walk-in showers. An open niche is a cutout in the shower wall, typically with a small shelf for your razor, soap, shampoo or other small bathroom accessories. 

There are many stylish ways to create a recessed niche. You can keep the tile the same as the rest of the shower for a seamless design or install a patterned accent tile. 

The shape can also differ — some homeowners prefer a taller rectangular niche, while others like the look of an arch. You may even decide to have two niches, either the same size and height or offset from each other on the wall.

5. Accent Wall

Speaking of walls, adding an accent wall with a unique tile is one of those timeless walk-in shower ideas everyone loves. Rather than a recessed niche — although you can still always add one — an accent wall is a visually appealing design that meets various tastes.

Even if you prefer white subway tile, a glass mosaic or pearlescent blue tile transforms your bathroom into a breezy, breathable sanctuary. 

You could also tie your accent tile wall into the rest of your home interior. For example, organic olive green, rusty red, teal and burnt orange patterned tile matches a mid-century modern aesthetic.

6. Multiple Shower Heads

Few walk-in shower ideas scream “luxury” more than installing multiple shower heads. Two streams of water are obviously better than one, elevating your pampering.

Homeowners can place multiple shower heads on one side of the shower wall or adjacent. They also differ in functionality — for instance, some flow like rainfall, while others may have detachable hand-held features. 

Regardless of whatever shower heads you choose, having more than one makes cleaning all the more convenient. 

7. Grab Bars

In one recent study from Canada, 85.6% of older adults said they would use a grab bar if they had it in their shower. A grab bar is a simple, inexpensive and helpful piece of equipment when renovating your bathroom for aging in place.

They also don’t have to be unsightly. Like all other bathroom features, grab bars come in various sizes, designs and colors. For instance, a black, stainless steel grab bar is modern and sleek. Likewise, depending on the ease of use, you can place the grab bar horizontally, vertically or diagonally. 

8. Smart Technology

Most people have smart technologies in their homes, whether a smart thermostat or an Alexa device. Now, you can install smart technology in your walk-in shower. 

For example, the wall-mounted Moen TS3302TB syncs with your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri and uses voice control or smartphone activation. This device includes a water-saving feature and temperature control for an eco-conscious shower.

A more intricate smart technology for your shower upgrade is the ThermaSol SEMR-SVSQ Signature Steam Shower Kit. Control your shower’s temperature with a press of a button. The system also has a steam head and aromatherapy reservoir to turn your upgraded luxury shower into a proper sauna.

9. Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy — or color therapy — uses colored light to alter people’s emotions. Although research is limited, scientists suggest immersing oneself in different colors is highly effective for mental health.

Envision yourself in your shower, surrounded by blue, orange, purple, pink and indigo. Yellow and orange will brighten your mood, while blue will shower you with tranquility. You can also flip on purple lights to boost creativity.

Install colored recessed lighting or buy a color-changing shower head to enhance relaxation.

10. Waterproof Speakers

Raise your hand if you like to sing in the shower. How about amplifying your impromptu concert with waterproof speakers? Listening to music while showering — whether it’s something upbeat to start your day or spa beats for relaxation — will take your “me” time to new heights. 

A device like the iFox Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker works with Bluetooth up to 33 feet away from your phone or tablet and has a built-in microphone. Yes, that means you can answer phone calls while lathering your hair. 

The latest Johns Avenue Bluetooth Shower Speaker is another waterproof device you may be interested in. This speaker plays up to eight hours with a three-hour USB recharging time. Although it has a suction cup, it can actually float in a bathtub or jacuzzi. 

Consider These Walk-In Shower Ideas for a Tranquilizing Escape

A renovated bathroom makes showering all the more enjoyable. With these shower upgrades and features, you can create a luxurious space to unwind. Speak with a contractor about the many possibilities and start planning your at-home oasis. 

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