• 12/09/2022

Is Wallpaper in Style? Everything You Need To Know About the Latest Design Trends

Is Wallpaper in Style

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Everyone wants their home to be a comfortable, beautiful space that welcomes everyone to relax. Investing in outdated trends creates the opposite kind of environment. Should you get that wallpaper you’ve been eyeing? Read on to learn if wallpaper is in style and how to use it.

Is Wallpaper In Style Now?

There was a long period where everyone switched from papering their walls to painting them. That time is officially over. Wallpaper is back and totally in style, but only if you know how to use it without turning your home into a 20th-century throwback. 

Wallpaper Trends for 2023

Avoid making a huge mistake by thinking about using these wallpaper trends in your home for your next upgrade project.

1. Large Colorful Florals

Instead of trying to make your walls contrast your trim with dark paint, create a statement wall with a bold print. Massive floral patterns are some of the most in-style wallpaper prints. Cover your walls with foliage that draws inspiration from the Renaissance and uses modern hues. You could even use them as a backdrop for a themed photoshoot with your friends or family.

Pink and black floral wallpaper in a bedroom.

2. Natural Marble Prints

Your home will feel like a celebrity’s getaway mansion with marble wallpaper. It adds elegance and class to any home layout. You could even upgrade your closet’s design by removing your shelving, applying the wallpaper and adding some shelf lighting to make your favorite space look professionally designed.

3. Rustic Wood Panels

Anyone in love with rustic cabins and modern farmhouse styles can use wallpaper to add paneling to their walls. It’s a new twist on wallpaper that will keep it from looking retro or vintage. Bring more natural elements into your home with faux wood on an accent wall or in every room.

How to Apply Wallpaper

You can always get removable wallpaper and stick it around your home, but it will peel off with time and humidity fluctuations. This is how you can apply wallpaper so it stays in place until you’re ready for your next upgrade.

1. Measure and Plumb Your Walls

You’ll need to know the length and height of whichever walls will get to show off your future wallpaper. Order your desired print to get your new wallpaper adventure started.

It’s also essential to plumb your walls, which requires marking vertical lines according to the level of the floor. Align the lasers projected from a plumbing tool and mark at least one line for the width of each wallpaper strip.

2. Spackle and Smooth Everything

Sometimes walls get cracked with time as houses shifts on their foundation. Your walls could also have chips from moving furniture around. Spackle everything and let it dry before smoothing each spot with sandpaper after your wallpaper arrives.

3. Wash the Walls

Fans and pets will blow dust, hair, and microscopic debris onto your walls. You may not see it now, but it’ll leave bumps under your wallpaper after application. Wash your walls with a wet paper towel and let them dry completely to banish any lingering dust.

4. Apply Wallpaper Primer

Primer prevents wallpaper adhesive from sinking too deeply into your drywall. If and when you want to remove it, you won’t take chunks of your wall out. Apply it with a sponge brush before moving on to the final steps of wallpaper installation.

Wallpaper with black cross shapes in a bedroom.

5. Brush Water or Paste on Your Strips

Check the type of wallpaper you bought. If it’s pre-pasted, it already has adhesive. You only need to apply water according to the directions that came with the product.

Wallpaper without paste will require some. You can find a universal adhesive paste and apply it with a thick brush to sections of the wall you’ve marked with your plumbing tool. If you’ve got a few helping hands, you can also apply it directly to the back of the wallpaper.

6. Press and Smooth the Paper

Line up your wallpaper section with the corner of the room and the baseboard. Press it slowly upward or downward. A smoothing tool will ensure no bubbles remain as the paper glues to your walls. You’ll likely have extra paper, which can always trim with scissors or a craft knife.

7. Wipe Extra Adhesive Away

Pressing the wallpaper into place will squish the adhesive out to the sides. Wipe it away with a damp paper towel before applying your next wallpaper section to avoid thick glue bumps.

Enjoy the Latest Interior Design Trends

Wallpaper is in style and everyone should consider it for their next home upgrade project. It’s easy to find in modern styles and apply by yourself. All you need is a room or wall in mind to create the interior design of your dreams.

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