• 04/06/2022

The Latest Spring Kitchen Decor Everyone Needs

The Latest Spring Kitchen Decor Everyone Needs

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Spring is an excellent opportunity for change. While you might plant a garden or put a fresh coat of paint on your fence, you can also invite change into your kitchen. Upgrade your home without breaking your budget by checking out the latest spring kitchen decor everyone needs to celebrate the season.

1. Threshold Kitchen Towels

Changing your kitchen towels with the seasons or holidays is always fun. Threshold makes a two-pack towel set designed with spring in mind. The yellow stripes and lemons evoke the happiness you feel when stepping into the warm sunshine, which is always nice to have in the heart of your home.

$6 from Target

2. Spring Kitchen Mat by Kavka Designs

Hard kitchen floors can hurt your joints and make your daily life less enjoyable. You deserve something comfortable and seasonal to stand on while making your favorite snacks when you need something delicious to pair with your latest spring novel or reality show.

The spring kitchen mat by Kavka Designs solves both of those needs. The floral design matches the time of year, while the non-slip pad beneath adds cushioning for your joints.

$70 from Overstock

3. Daisy Fridge Magnets

When was the last time you decorated your refrigerator? Daisy magnets are just what you need to make your kitchen more lively. They’ll add a pop of color to your home and make anything on your fridge more fun, like your grocery list or family calendar.

$11 from Amazon

4. Spring-Inspired Tiered Tray Centerpiece

Tiered centerpieces are a popular form of spring kitchen decor. You can add whichever decorative items you like throughout the year while keeping the tiers on your kitchen counter or table. A spring tray that comes with everything you need to feel ready for the season is the fastest way to decorate, especially if you’re not sure where to start.

$35 from Etsy

5. Gingham Plaid Placemats

Gingham is a quintessential spring print. It’s charming and visually appealing when it incorporates pastel colors. A set of four placemats with blue, pink, yellow and green stripes will make your kitchen a festive environment at every meal.

$15 from Bed Bath & Beyond

6. Retro Kitchen Sign

Carry your spring theme through your home by hanging a retro sign in your kitchen. It will match the floral, lemon themes in your other decor pieces and personalize the space with a saying that exemplifies your personality.

Reorganize your cabinets if you don’t have room to hang or lean a sign against your kitchen wall. You’ll find additional room for dishware and cookware, making your kitchen more multifunctional and allowing extra counter or wall space for decorative signs.

$8 from Amazon

7. Primrue Faux Tulip Arrangement

Spring is nature’s opportunity to return to life after lying dormant all winter. Bring that new life into your home with plants that don’t require a green thumb.

Fake plants can look identical to authentic arrangements if you know where to find them. Depending on where you want them, they come in all shapes and sizes, but Primrue’s tulip arrangement is perfect for kitchen countertops. The glass vase matches all existing interior design schemes and the flower petals utilize seasonal colors to add visual depth to your kitchen.

$180 from Wayfair

8. Aleena Spoon Rest

You might think that you can only make soups during the winter, but there are many recipes to try with seasonal spring vegetables. When your latest recipe needs to simmer, put your ladle on a spoon rest. It will keep anything from dipping on your counter or stovetop while the floral designs match the current season.

$14 from Anthropologie

Find New Spring Kitchen Decor

Find inspiration in this spring kitchen decor and get started on upgrading your home’s interior design. As you take shelter from spring rainstorms and enjoy later sunsets, you’ll have the perfect place to make memories with your loved ones in your kitchen.

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