• 04/13/2022

The 12 Best Fake Plants for 2022

Monsteras are one of the best fake plants for your home.

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Fake plants are fast becoming a home staple. While they may have been considered tacky at one time, production methods have improved and modern faux plants are both realistic and affordable. 

Here are 12 of the best fake plants for bringing nature indoors in 2022: 

Single Faux Leaves

A single faux leaf suits minimalist, understated decor perfectly. Place a stem in a thin vase, and any room will instantly feel updated and refreshed. These leaves can also be combined to fill larges vases or trimmed and hung on the wall as natural art. 

1. Monstera 

Monstera is an ideal artificial house plant because of its appearance. Its natural form is waxy and thick, so it’s very difficult to tell the real and fake versions apart. There are many artificial monstera leaves available, but one of the most realistic, affordable options can be found at CB2 for $12.85

2. Palm Frond

A single palm frond can have a significant impact when added to a room. These leaves also look elegant in groups of two to three. CB2 also has one of the best versions of these, at $14.95 per leaf. With over 50 reviews, this particular frond has an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

3. Bird of Paradise

These dark, pointed leaves look beautiful in groups of two or three. Nearly Natural sells a bundle of six 34-inch bird of paradise leaves for $57.99. They’re offering free shipping to continental U.S. customers for a limited time to offset possible shipping delays. 

4. Banana Leaf

Artificial banana leaves are a really fun decor piece. These leaves work well in every kind of space, from relaxed living areas to elevated dining rooms. Jamali Garden sells a version for $16.99 that is the perfect shade of bright green and can bend and hold its shape. 

Potted House Plants

Potted house plants can brighten any room, and faux versions eliminate the need for watering or repotting. Artificial potted plants are also perfect for rooms with little to no natural light. Many faux plants come unplanted or in tiny pots, so it’s best to repot them into larger containers that blend with home decor. 

5. Succulents

Succulents are naturally thick, smooth, and waxy, making them another ideal choice for artificial plants. They look beautiful potted separately or in groups and come in a variety of colors, including some fun shades of pink. Amazon has a set of 16 small faux succulents for $15.95.

Succulents are one of the best fake plants for your home.

6. Snake Plant

Snake plants, also known as sansevieria, are such a popular houseplant choice that the artificial versions can get pretty pricey. However, CB2 has a beautiful, highly-rated faux potted sansevieria plant for only $89.95

7. Philodendron

Philodendrons come in many shapes and varieties, from small potted plants to large houseplants with long spiky leaves. Wayfair sells a high-quality, faux potted philodendron for $136.99 that mimics the long-stemmed Xanadu variety. 

8. Fiddle-leaf-fig

Fiddle-leaf-figs trees are possibly the most popular houseplant for modern homes, enjoyed for their beautiful dark green leaves and unique, curly leaf shape. They can be found in small to very large sizes, with differences in branching and leaf clustering. QVC has several beautiful faux varieties, including a six-foot fiddle-leaf-fig for $115.50. 

Artificial Hanging Plants

There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect hanging plant. Homeowners nurture hanging plants for years to get trailers to fall the way they want them, but faux plants can achieve this state of relaxed elegance upon minutes of arrival. 

9. String of pearls

These plants really do look like a string of pearls – if pearls were green! They’re easily recognizable and an asset in any part of the house. Nearly Natural has a lovely faux string of pearls plant for $69.99 that mimics the trailer length and varied pearl size of the real plant.

String of pearls are great fake house plants.

10. Inchplant

Inchplant, sometimes known as Tradescantia Zebrina, is a cute striped houseplant that grows trailing vines. Its leaf markings are beautiful and striking, and its name comes from its fast growth – real inchplants can grow up to an inch a week. Nearly Natural offers a set of four realistic 23-inch inchplant strands for $69.99

11. Pothos

Pothos is another well-loved houseplant. It starts as a small houseplant but quickly grows into trailing vines with a mind of their own. Nearly Natural’s set of three 40-inch hanging vines can be potted into the ideal faux hanging plant for the price of $74.99

12. Ficus

Ficus is a dark green houseplant that grows long, thick streamers. Faux versions of this plant can bring life to low-light areas of your home. Crate and Barrel sells a beautiful realistic hanging faux ficus plant for $39.95

Bring Nature Indoors

Fake plants bring a touch of nature inside, spreading calm and a sense of serenity. They’re ideal for low-light areas or busy individuals with little time for plant care, only requiring light dusting to keep them perfectly happy. 

These 12 faux houseplants are a home decor investment that will keep giving in 2022 and for many years to come. Use this guide to find the best fake plants for your home.

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