• 12/21/2020

Simple Tips for Designing A Kitchen


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What are the things you need to think about while planning a redesign for your kitchen? When you are like other homeowners, the first thing you will think about while designing a remodel is appliances and color themes.

But, if you are a professional designer the first thing to consider is the kitchen layout. The design should work on your ability to move around the multifunctional space. Here are some key tips for designing a kitchen. 

Kitchen work triangle

Three of the more significant elements of kitchen design are refrigerator, stove, and sink. Cooking and cleaning within the kitchen can become a cumbersome and joyless task if you are required to lap around a badly designed layout. A good layout allows you to move freely between these three key elements during cooking.

You should also have sufficient space that will allow you to cook besides someone else. The kitchen designers develop a work triangle between refrigerator, stove, and sink. He or she will ensure that the traffic via the kitchen does not interfere with the food preparation.

The kitchen can have many work triangles catering to your requirements. Any kitchen layout has three basic zones viz. a primary area for food preparation, a secondary area for baking and cooking, and there is a third area used for circulating through the kitchen. A good designer will ensure that the traffic through the area does not interfere with food preparation. 

Make the kitchen a multifunctional space

All women would have experienced that they are mostly in their kitchens during parties. During recent years the kitchen moved away from being just a utility space to a versatile and relaxing place apart from being a place for cooking.

Pro designers will always keep these things in mind and look to develop a design that is inviting and open. It may facilitate cooking and entertainment at the same time. It is a terrific idea to include a kitchen island if you have sufficient space along with seating. An island makes for an inviting area where family members and guests can relax and socialize. The host can then entertain and cook at the same time. 

Consider the kitchen cabinets

Most people do not pay sufficient attention to the allocation of space for kitchen cabinets and cupboards. It is one of the key details that will provide a professional touch to the kitchen design. The layout of these cabinets must be organized according to the envisaged use of space. The items that you need constantly should be placed close to each other. The frequently needed items should be placed where they are reachable easily. You should not be required to stoop down. A simple thing such as arranging the spices in a way that is easy to see them improves your experience in the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet systems are employed by professional designers that allow you to use the available space for maximum effect. Do not be worried about being creative with the kitchen cabinets. It should facilitate simplicity and make the whole experience of using the kitchen more enjoyable. 

Develop a floor plan

All kitchen designers are aware of the best methods for starting kitchen projects and that is having a floor plan. This allows you to plan and design the kitchen before you book the timing of a contractor. You can try out various layout options, add finishes, fixtures, and cabinets, and then look at how the kitchen will look like in 3D. 

Have storage space

One of the biggest mistakes people make during the kitchen design stage is not making a provision for storage. You need to use all the available space. Take the overhead kitchen cabinets right up till they touch the ceiling rather than maintaining a gap over the top that will collect dust. Use deep drawers that make for easier access to the pans and spoons. Maintain sufficient space for appliances by de-cluttering the countertops.

Finally, there are many rooms inside a house but the layout of the kitchen matters the most. It is a functional space and your experience in the area is greatly affected by how easily you can move in the space while cleaning or cooking. Professionally designed kitchens maximize the movements and minimize having to bend down and reach out.

Follow These Tips for Designing a Kitchen

With these ideas, you can create the kitchen on your dreams. These simple tips will create the perfect functional space for cooking, entertaining and enjoying your home. 

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