• 10/23/2018

Planning a Fall Party? Here’s How to Mindfully Entertain

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Being mindful can quickly transform you into a person who is more present. And, with that sense of awareness, you can fortify your relationships with loved ones and with yourself. This plays into your hand perfectly if you’re planning a fall party, too.Mindful entertainment ensures that everyone — including you — is comfortable and enjoying the festivities you’ve scheduled. Here is how to do it:

Create Comfortable Seating

Your first task is to create a place that invites your guests to sit down. At different times of the year, this set-up could look different. For example, in wintertime, cozy couches with plenty of throw blankets would do the trick. Perhaps armchairs in front of a roaring fire would also fit in. These choices show your mindfulness — your loved ones might be chilly, so a warm seat will only beckon them to sit down.To that end, a mindful seating arrangement might also mean assigning chairs around a dining table. Of course, creating a seating chart for any event is a notoriously tricky task, but there are tips to make it easier. You should place known friends together, then try and put strangers with commonalities aside one another. As the host, you know everyone, so you can make this happen.

Light the Party Perfectly

Another aspect in your control is the lighting. The right glow will instantly create the perfect party atmosphere. In other words, you don’t want overly bright fluorescent bulbs drenching your space in unflattering light. Instead, you’ll want to layer floor and table lamps so that there’s just enough brightness.You should also incorporate candles into your party’s design scheme. They instantly create an intimate vibe, which will inspire guests to open up and get to know each other over dinner or drinks.

Choose Mood Music

Once you have the perfect lighting and seating, you’ll want to tie it all together with the right tunes. Background noise further adds to the vibe you’re attempting to create. So, build a playlist that matches the type of party you envision — no dance music at the dinner party, for starters. Then, set the volume so that you can hear the songs while still conversing easily with your invitees.Another mindful idea is to give guests access to any instruments you may have at home so they can make their own music. Most often, tap-able instruments like drums or gongs make the best addition. Slow beats can create a soothing vibe, while faster music livens up the party.

Feed Everyone Well

Social gatherings are often notorious for busting our belts, so to speak, with a spread of unhealthy snacks and desserts. Needless to say, this kind of overindulgence doesn’t make us feel great, and, as a host, you should be mindful of this.In fact, your mindfulness practice should have you in tune with your body and help you eat healthily. Whip up hearty options that taste great without completely overdoing it. And, if you must, settle on one big dessert or savory treat, so that no one can go too far or feel too bad after the party.

Plan Interactive Events

Not every party has to have a schedule packed with games, crafts and other activities. But it’s a good idea to plan at least one form of entertainment for your guests so that they don’t get bored. You can whip out your favorite activity or ask your attendees to bring one of their own, allowing the group to decide on what they want to do.It’s important to note here that a mindful host would never force their friends to partake in these activities. Sure, you know that the game you’ve planned is fun, but making it mandatory might put someone on the spot. Not everyone feels comfortable speaking in front of large groups, for example, so be mindful of that and other emotions that might prevent someone from joining.

Think of the Earth, Too

Finally, your mindfulness should always extend to the world around you. You’ve considered how your invited guests will feel about the lighting, seating, activities and food. But you haven’t quite thought about how your gathering will affect the earth.Fortunately, an eco-friendly party is nothing new, and there are proven ways to make your shindig a green one, too. For starters, avoid any one-time-use materials. This includes decorations that you’ll tear down and throw away. Your table settings count, too — replace plastic cutlery and paper plates and napkins with their reusable counterparts. If you’re missing, say, a cloth napkin or serving platter, head to your local thrift shop to buy them secondhand, which is another resource-saving decision.With these six tips in mind — and your mindfulness practice manifested there, too — you’re ready to host a great party. All there’s left to do is get started.

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