• 05/02/2022

9 Ways to Reduce the Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers on cake, basket and bouqet

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With the current economy, couples across the nation are desperate to find ways to cut wedding expenses. They often decide to set aside money for their future rather than splurge on one big party. The average cost of flowers for a wedding is around $2,300, or 7% of the total wedding budget.

However, with some creative decision-making, you could reduce your costs significantly. The tips below can help deliver the stunning wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.  

Be Honest About Your Budget

Before you even meet with a florist for the first time, you need to decide on a budget for your wedding flowers. You can also have a general idea of what types of flowers you like and what arrangements you need, but you should be open to the florist’s suggestions. 

A clear and strict budget will help your florist tailor your expectations and create beautiful displays that will be easy on the eyes and your wallet. 

Pick Only a Few Types

Florists can save you a lot of money by purchasing flowers in bulk. To take advantage of those savings, choose only a few types of flowers. If you want too many kinds, ordering in bulk isn’t possible. 

Not only will this method reduce your wedding flower costs, but it can also improve the appearance of your arrangements. Too many flower types can be distracting. Focusing on one to three focal flowers will create a cohesive feel. 

floral arrangement for fall wedding

Choose In-Season Blooms

Like with produce, flowers go in and out of season depending on their climate needs. If you want to reduce your floral spending, choose flowers that are in season. You could also select some more popular flowers, like roses, that are generally the same cost year-round. 

Buying flowers locally can save you even more money since the transportation costs are cheaper. As a bonus, buying local is a great way to show support to your community. 

Vary Cost and Size

Peonies and roses often top the favorites list for floral arrangements, but these are some of the most expensive flowers on the market. If you have your heart set on a pricier choice, make it your focal point, and use it enough to get a bulk discount. Use less expensive flowers to fill out the rest of your decor. 

Selecting large flowers can also greatly reduce your flower budget. These flowers make a more significant impact per stem, so you can use fewer of them. Since they take up more real estate, your florist won’t need as much filler to round out an arrangement. 

bride reducing the average cost of flowers for a wedding by adding greenery

Use Greenery and Plants

Increase the impact of unique flowers by surrounding them with a background of greenery. In-demand choices like fern and eucalyptus can help save your budget. They come in many colors and structural varieties. 

Especially for centerpieces, you could skip flowers altogether in favor of potted plants. Most of these would be cheaper than a floral arrangement. You won’t have to worry about throwing out expensive flowers at the night’s end. Guests can take the plants as wedding favors, or you could save them to decorate your home. 

DIY Arrangements

A large chunk of your floral budget will go to the cost of labor. Cut costs by taking care of the flowers yourself or asking a creative loved one to help. If you have assistance and feel confident you can put together arrangements quickly, you can reduce your budget even further.

Once flowers are in full bloom, florists can no longer use them and often offer them at a discounted price. Purchasing your flowers a day or two before the wedding could save you a lot of money, but you need to prepare for the commitment of getting everything done in time for the big day.  

silk floral centerpieces at wedding head table to save on average cost of flowers for a wedding

Use Silk Flowers

Silk flowers have come a long way, and if you choose wisely, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference. Couples who go with this alternative to real flowers can save up to 70% of the average cost of flowers for a wedding. 

Silk flowers are more sustainable and have a variety of uses. You can use them as decorations, give them as gifts or keep them as a memento. Since these flowers never die, you can even save them for another occasion. You could further reduce your costs by renting silk flowers from a reputable florist. 

Repurpose Ceremony Flowers at the Reception

If your ceremony and reception locations are close by, why not use the same flowers for both venues? Make sure you have plenty of help to move the flowers to their new location since your focus will be elsewhere that day. 

Bridesmaid bouquets could be placed in vases to create centerpieces. More elaborate floral arrangements from the ceremony can decorate the head, cake and gift tables or even the bathrooms if you feel fancy. 

bride giving mother a flower corsage

Prioritize Where to Spend Flower Budget

No matter your budget, if you want to cut costs, you need to decide where your priorities are. Flowers should be one aspect of the decor. It’s your big day, and you should be the ones to shine. 

Choose arrangements that matter most to you and forget the rest. Perhaps splurge on the bridal bouquet, but minimize bridesmaid flowers. You could also ask your parents how they’d feel about not getting boutonnieres and corsages. Varying your centerpieces and only putting flowers at some tables would also go a long way. 

Find Flower Alternatives

The best part about creating your dream wedding is that anything goes. You don’t have to use any flowers if you don’t want to. Some brides opt to carry a meaningful possession rather than a bouquet, like a rosary or a book. 

Centerpieces and other decor can go in many directions that aren’t floral. Greenery and other natural elements, mirrors, candles and picture frames are all great options. Consider these ideas if you want to beat the average cost of wedding flowers.

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