• 04/27/2022

8 Great Ideas for Submerged Rose Centerpieces

Submerged rose centerpieces are elegant for weddings, parties and home decor.

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What’s a celebration without decorations? Balloons, tablecloths and streamers might be the perfect additions to your upcoming parties, but your tables will look bare without centerpieces. Roses are about to become your next favorite thing to use as focal points at any venue. Check out this guide to find inspiration for submerged rose centerpieces that you can create for parties, weddings or household decor.

Submerged rose centerpieces

1. Find Tall Cylinder Vases

There’s something elegant about seeing submerged flowers in cylinder vases. The tall glass vases are classic and a bit oversized without becoming extravagant. They’re also easy to work with because you don’t have to worry about getting roses that are too big. The cylinder vases can become centerpieces for coffee tables, dining tables or even island countertops because they fill so much visual space.

2. Add a Floating Candle

Tea lights are the perfect size for anyone who wants to combine submerged flowers with floating candles. They float gently over your water-filled vase and add a soft ambiance to any dining area. Select them to match the colors of your roses or enhance their floral scent. Stock up on extra matches — tea candles only burn for around 45 minutes, so you may have to relight a few if your event runs long.

3. Play With Levels

People decorate with submerged roses because it makes everyone look at vases differently. Instead of marveling at what’s above them, you get to look inside the glass. Use that space by playing with the levels of each rosebud. Instead of grouping them all together, you can push them further down or keep them higher up by not cutting the stems off.

4. Celebrate Your Home

Submerged flowers in cylinder vases or any other type of vase can celebrate your home at your wedding or party. Honor the place where you feel safe and make memories by growing roses in your yard for future centerpieces.

Gardening is an excellent hobby because it can happen year-round and give recurring feelings of accomplishment. You’ll also get more time in the sun, which can improve your immune system and heal ongoing skin conditions like eczema.

5. Use White Roses in Winter

Winter brides have so many opportunities to make their weddings unique. While you’re thinking about giving ornaments as wedding favors and roasting marshmallows at your reception, consider using white roses as your centerpieces. You could even glue jewels on the white petals or sprinkle them with glitter before carefully pushing them into your vases.

6. Cover the Bottom With Rocks

Rocks are another creative way to layer your submerged roses in centerpieces that dazzle with different colors. Use natural rocks from your backyard that are the size of pebbles or shining stones from a crystal store. They’ll weigh your vases down to prevent spillage if someone knocks the table with their knee or elbow, while weaving more natural elements into your centerpieces.

You can even reuse the arrangements to embellish your bohemian-styled bedroom by matching the roses to your bedding or curtains. Rocks have earthy auras that work well in living spaces inspired by boho designs. Use them to decorate vases on your dresser or side table to make your room work in tandem with the earth.

7. Incorporate Baby’s Breath

Baby's breath pairs well with submerged rose centerpieces

Roses have meanings, depending on which varieties you choose for your arrangements. Although you can represent your admiration or friendships through roses, baby’s breath is one of the best types of submerged flowers with floating candles and any other centerpiece addition.

Baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting romantic love, which is why it’s trendy at weddings. The tiny blooms hold up well in water and provide a secondary texture of small petals against the larger rosebuds in each centerpiece.  

8. Find Creative Glass Containers

Traditional glass vases are perfect for underwater flower bouquets, but you have so many other options if a classic look isn’t what you need for your upcoming event. You can also submerge roses in wine glasses, mason jars and cocktail glasses for a dramatic or casual flair. Decorate each container with paint or ribbon to add your personal touch or match the arrangements with your party theme.

Create Submerged Rose Centerpieces

There are many ways to make submerged rose centerpieces, so consider where they’ll go or what event you have in mind. Match them to your party’s color scheme or your home’s interior decorating. Whether you’d love yellow roses and baby’s breath in a mason jar or elegant red roses underneath floating candles, you can make any centerpiece you have in mind with these creative tips.

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